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Water, Water Everywhere . . .

If you’re a regular visitor here and you didn’t already know it, you have by now figured out that drawing isn’t — to me anyway — just a pencil or pen and some paper.

Oh, no.

And a few forms of drawing even involve something that actually seems counter intuitive: water.  Remember Drawing in Water: The Transfer or Drawing with Water?

The drawing in today’s video is similar to Drawing in Water, but it takes it a step further.

(Note to parents: The soundtrack for this video does have profanity, so . . . do what you need to do.)

Gorgeous, right?

I know — well, I guess —  that this drawing wasn’t really meant to be performance art, but I found watching the artist work sort of mesmerizing.

I think this kind of drawing almost requires a different mindset from traditional techniques.

Do you have it? If you’ve done any work drawing on water, please post a comment and let us know your thoughts on the technique. And if you want to send a picture . . .

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