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There’s More Than One Way to . . .

There’s probably more than one way to do just about everything.

In this post, I have two videos on two very different ways to draw a dog.

There’s also a hint included in this post, but . . . more about that later.

So, here’s one way to draw a dog. This is sort of a sophisticated draw-by-numbers method. If you have trouble with proportions, you might like to try this technique for a while and see if it helps you.



And this is another technique for drawing a dog. It’s also a controlled method, but the results are very different. And your children will probably like it.



Drawing should be a learning experience, but it should be fun, too. And it should be for everyone.

I won’t be doing a formal post — or even my version of a formal post — tomorrow because . . . well . . .

I’ll tell you later.

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