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Speaking of Drawing Lips . . . again

Okay, now that you know a bit about the anatomy of lips and there aren’t any loose ones around (Whew!), it’s time to flesh out the supporting structure of the lips with some “squishy little pillows.” (You’ll hear about these in the video.)

You’ll  also revisit that light source business and shading as Proko shows you some more about creating realistic lips.

So . . .



This artist explains things so well and makes them look so easy that there’s not really much I can add to the video.

I guess I could — and should — remind you to pay attention to the light source(s) because lips are so not flat plains. And remember that if you want you’re highlights to pop, you have to pay attention to your halftones; those that aren’t strong enough just won’t do the job.

I hope you enjoyed the video and learned something/picked up a few tips. If  you know of anyone who could use some help drawing lips, why not click that button and share this post with them.