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Sketching History and Humor

We’ve seen a lot of sketchbooks here, but not for a while. So that — along with the fact that you can’t see too many sketchbooks — means it’s time for another one. Or two.

The artist of these sketchbooks is June. She is (obviously) an art student, but she’s also a history buff and a comic book creator. Watching how these interests come together adds even more to what are already some fantastic sketches.


I never would have thought of having dead soldiers as comic book heroes, but . . .  I never would have thought of drawing a comic-book Hitler, but . . .  When you can create characters like this artist, you can make some pretty odd things work.

She’s not so bad with color either.

So, does June’s sketchbook give you any ideas? I hope so, and if it does, I hope you’ll share the wealth with your friends by clicking that button. Thanks!