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Sharpie Art Spreads

Remember way back in September when I posted a video of an artist “Sharpie-ing” a Lamborghini?

Then — for the less privileged among us who were dying to put their Sharpies to use — I posted an artist decorating a shoe with a Sharpie?

Well, today’s video is of an artist (who may or may not be the same artist who was in the shoe video) using his Sharpie to decorate a guitar.

Doesn’t this remind you of a hard-edge version of Monday’s Zentangle-ish* egg?

I pointed out this similarity between the Zentanglers’ style and the Sharpie artists’ style in the Lamborghini post, too. But I’m not above repeating myself.  And, anyway, I think someone could write a dissertation on this: Is society/the recession/global warming/whatever the influence leading to stylistic parallels between artists of  different generations and backgrounds?  Or maybe a thesis on which version of this style (rockers’ vs. hobbiests) is the derivative one. (Note: Art historians love the word “derivative”.)

Something to think about, but meanwhile in the interests of giving equal time to the acoustic guitar Sharpiests, here’s a second video:

I like them both. Of course, I also liked the Lamborghini and the shoe. And I think Zentangling is great. Maybe I just have no discretion.

What about you? Do you like the decorated guitars? Have a favorite?  What do you think of Sharpie art in general?

Post a comment and let us know.  And if you use Sharpies in your art, let us know about that, too. And, by all means, abandon all of your discretion and share this post with everyone you know.


*Please note that Zentangle is a registered trademark.