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Sand Drawing: The Souffle of Art

There are lots of fragile things in this world: china, butterflies, bubbles, my feelings, etc., but when it comes to the art world, I can’t think of anything more fragile than sand art.

We’ve seen some sand drawing before. What we’ve seen so far has been an amazing performance art in which the picture is constantly changing. But today’s artist is working towards one finished work, so there can be no quick, slight-of-hand changes if things go a little wrong.

And to make it even more interesting, the drawing is in color.



I’m fascinated watching sand artists. Usually, I’m primarily amazed by how they move from one concept to another, morphing one picture into another. But with this artist, it’s a different story: I just can’t believe his control. He’s drawing by pouring sand for heaven’s sake!

Another thing that baffles me is the sand artist’s mindset. They obviously have worked really hard to perfect their craft, but — except for the video or photos — there’s really no end product. For someone like me who thinks that things should last forever, that mindset is a total mystery.

I hope you enjoyed the video, and I have a question for you: Can you think of any (visual) art form that is more fragile than sand art? Let me know what you come up with.