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  • Dry Brush Speed Drawing of Johnny Dep

    Dry Brush Speed Drawing of Johnny Dep

    According to Wikipedia “portraiture’s roots are likely found in prehistoric times.”  You can still  find surviving examples of portraiture in Greek and Roman, Chinese, and Egyptian art. Although ancient portraits can be highly stylized, a good modern portrait is supposed to be a good likeness, but also to flatter or capture the essence of the sitter. This drawing of Johnny Dep does all of that  and is a good lesson for aspiring portraitists. Don’t worry:  It’s a speed drawing so […]

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  • Drawing Illusion

    Drawing Illusion

    If you like drawing, or if you like  illusions, you’re going to really like this video. It shows Adam Johnston recreating (when you watch the video, you’ll know why it’s hard to say “copy”)  an original drawing by J. D. Hillberry.  The work is impressive and the concept is great. You just have to watch it and see how it’s done. Pretty amazing, right? And I love the way it’s filmed so that it seems to come together so quickly. […]

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  • Drawing from Divine Inspiration

    Drawing from Divine Inspiration

    Have you heard of the prodigy Akiane? Since she’s gotten all kinds of media coverage and has been featured on almost 50 international programs, you probably have, but just in case . . . Akiane is a self-taught, young girl who has been painting (and drawing) since she was 6. Her works include commissioned portraits and representations of different cultures, but she is probably best known for her inspirational paintings. And this despite the fact that she was born into […]

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  • The Pavement Picasso

    The Pavement Picasso

    Julian Beever is a UK  artist who began creating anamorphic pavement illusions in the early 90’s. His  trompe-l’œil chalk pavement drawings must be seen from one special viewpoint to get the proper effect.  If the viewer moves, the illusion is lost. Take a look. Since beginning his pavement drawings, Beever’s popularity and demand among  corporate business (note that this drawing is for Aveeno) has grown, and he has worked in 28 countries. Have you ever seen one of Beever’s fabulous […]

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  • How To Draw a Manga Face

    How To Draw a Manga Face

    Manga are comics created in Japan, or by Japanese creators in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century. They have a long, complex pre-history in earlier Japanese art. (Wikipedia) Manga is enormously popular worldwide, and many fans like to draw manga characters. This video demonstrates how to draw a relatively realistic manga face. Do you or anyone you know draw manga? Did you find this video helpful? If you enjoyed the video, […]

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  • A Circle Drawing Champion?

    A Circle Drawing Champion?

    It may not be art, but it sure is entertaining. I’ve never seen anyone draw such a perfect circle freehand. And so fast. Pretty amazing! How does he do it?  Have you ever seen anyone else do this? (He does mention a championship, so there must be others.) Comment below if you’ve seen this done before or — better yet — if you can do it.  And “Share” it with a friend to see if they’ve ever seen anything like […]

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  • How To Draw Eyes

    How To Draw Eyes

    One of the first things most people want to draw is faces. This video demonstrates how to draw the most expressive of the facial features — the eyes — quickly and realistically. I’ll be posting how-tos for drawing other features — and more — soon. Post a comment and let us know what you’d like to learn to draw better, and please use the “Share” button to help other budding artists.  

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