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No, Really: It’s Not Just a Watercolor

Yes, I know the video says watercolor, and, yes, there is water used in this picture, but the reason I’m posting it is because of the pen and ink drawing.

In my view, it’s mostly a pen and ink drawing anyway. And most of the “watercolor” part is done with what is practically a pen. So . . .

Now, that I’ve ranted on about that . . . Not only is this a great picture to study — watch how the artist works all over the drawing at the same time and how he adds texture — but we don’t get many videos where you can watch an artist work outside, “on location.”

And it’s in Venice, so it’s practically a mini vacation as well!

One of the things that strikes me about this work, is the way the artist goes back over what he’s already worked on. I tend to think of pen and ink as fairly unforgiving, but . . .  not for this man.

And that means it doesn’t have to be for you either. So if you’ve avoided pen and ink because you can’t use an eraser with it, you don’t need to worry so much about that any more.

I hope you enjoyed your “trip” and the video and that you learned something new. If you did, please consider sharing Best Drawing Videos with your friends. Thanks!