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Need Some Color? Drawing with Watercolor Pencils

If you watched yesterday’s doodle video, you know that it was loaded with color.

Well, I got to thinking that that video along with the fact that it’s winter and gray, might have made you start thinking about color. (Either that or eating everything in your refrigerator and taking a long nap.) And, besides, color is just fun to use.

So, I found a terrific video that demonstrates how to use watercolor pencils — a little drawing, a little painting — to get you going.

This video is just loaded with techniques and tips!

Would you have thought of that scapel-to-make-flakes technique? I wouldn’t have. And I love the way he creates crowds.

If you’re thinking of putting a little color into your drawings or slipping in a little painting, I think watercolor pencils are definitely something to try.  And this video has just about everything you need to know to get started.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and learned something. And I hope you’ll try the watercolor pencils, too! If, like many of us anticipate, you get snowed in, it would be a great way to use the time!