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Loose Lips: Dangerous to Ships, But Easy to Draw

drawing lips

This work is in the Public Domain.

Maybe you recall that the other day, I mentioned that your portraits would look silly without noses. Well, they’d look just as silly without lips.

So, today and tomorrow I have a couple of instructional videos on drawing lips.

These videos — like the ones on noses — were made by Stan Prokopenko, and if you’re wondering why I keep selecting his tutorials, it’s because I think they’re so good. (Trust me: I look at a lot of videos, and some of them aren’t worth your time unless you want to learn to draw badly.)

Today “Proko” starts with the anatomy of the lips, and if you watched his anatomy of the nose video, you know it’s not going to be difficult at all.



I think this video is worth watching just for the “bloated tuna can” analogy.

Doesn’t drawing lips make a lot more sense when you view them this way?

Well, I hoped you enjoyed today’s video and are making a lot of progress in drawing facial features. They can be tricky, but I think the videos you’ve been seeing simplify theĀ  drawing process a lot.

And besides, someday someone is going to walk into your picture and you’re going to have to draw them.


P.S. For those of you who are insanely young, the title of this post comes from a saying created during World War II (and, no, I wasn’t alive then) to make citizens aware of the possible danger of unguarded talk.