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Let’s Doodle Again

Yes, it has been awhile. You see I took a couple of weeks off because . . .

Well, I’d like to say something inspiring like because I was at a drawing retreat in the Himalayas, but that would be a lie. The truth is I’ve been doing some other things (well, it is gardening season, you know).

But, at least for now, I’m back, and I think we’re all overdue for some doodling. (I know: You’ve had to spend your Monday’s actually working. I am sorry.) So, to get us all back on track and before your boss realizes that you aren’t actually supposed to be doodling on Monday’s . . . Here’s today’s doodle.



I notice a lot of doodlers tend to doodle a little here and a little there, all separate little bits. I think this connected wave doodle might help those of you who are inclined to do individual drawings and find yourself stuck sometimes. With a connected doodle, one little bit inspires the next so you should be able to avoid finding your doodle suddenly “dead in the water.”

I hope so.

So . . . let’s get doodling again.