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It Won’t Be Smooth Going

I’ll bet you think from the title of this post that I’m talking about a career as an artist. Well, that probably won’t be smooth going either, but it’s not what today’s post is about.

Today’s post is about another way to help you develop as an artist so you can face the career difficulties. Today’s post is about the difficulties of creating textures in pen and ink.

The medium is just so much more “rigid” than graphite or charcoal. It nothing else, you can’t smudge it!

Of course, there’s cross-hatching, and you can do amazing tings with that technique, but sometimes . . .  you need something more.

Today’s post has two videos for you. The first is a quick review of creating texture with cross-hatching. The second goes beyond that and into the “something more,” a range of textures that don’t really lend themselves to straight lines.




These are simple concepts, but when your pen-and-ink drawing needs just the right texture and cross-hatching isn’t going to do the trick, these might help. Or at least give you ideas for creating a texture of your own.

I hope today’s videos gave you some tips for working with pen and ink. It’s such a great medium, it would be a shame to avoid it because you were “texture-challenged.”

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