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Inky Dinky Do

Remember how a few posts ago I mentioned that I’d be posting a few tutorials on pen and ink drawing?

Yes, I did. And today is the first one. It’s on pens and inks, and a little on paper. It’s basic materials information.

If you are new to pen and ink, you really should watch this video or, if you don’t like this one, find another one that covers this information. Because I can think of no worse way to start using a new medium than in complete ignorance of how to use it and what it can (and can’t) do.

Yes, it was very basic, but it wasn’t bad. And I’ll bet you feel a little more sure of yourself if you’re on the way to the art supply store.

And, now that you’ve got the basics on materials, you’re ready to start using them.

Play with them a little to get a feel for things, and the next video will give you some information on actually drawing with pen and ink.

P.S. I’m hoping to post the next tutorial tomorrow, but I may be a day late as I’ll be at a class on diagnosing plant ailments all day. Honest!