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How to Draw Dogs

If you’re a pet owner, you have a ready source of models sitting around waiting for you. Sort of.

And, of course, if you’re a pet owner, you probably want to draw them.

But they aren’t shaped like people and they have all this fur. So, how do you start?

Today’s tutorial will help you get a feel for drawing dogs and, of course, all that fur.



She really does make it look easy. (So maybe it is?)

You noticed that she started with lots of little — minimal commitment — sketches to get a genral feel for the individual dog. Then progressed to the larger, more demanding drawings with more defined features and fur. And don’t forget when you do your drawings that she avoided smearing by drawing from left to right.

So follow her lead and do the quick sketches until you’re comfortable. Then the larger drawings. And, finally, as you get more comfortable, you can work your way up to that portrait drawing you’ve been wanting for over the mantle.

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