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How to Draw a Nose: He Knows Your Nose Better Than You Knows It

A silly title. I know. But when I was looking for videos to help you draw noses, this artist’s leaped out at me:  He doesn’t just tell you what lines to put where, he explains the nose to you so that you know why you’re putting them there.

Yes, today’s video is on, to be specific, the anatomy of the nose.

Before you start yawning, let me point out that if you pay a little attention to this, it will help you understand and draw any nose, not just the ones you may have “memorized.”



If you weren’t intimated by the very concept of the anatomy of the nose, and you’ve made it this far, congratulations!

You now know a lot more than most people about the structure of the nose. And, tomorrow, when you get to the video about actually drawing a nose, you’ll be light years ahead of the ones who didn’t.

I hope you enjoyed today’s video and learned a little. If you did, why not share it with your friends who don’t know nothin’ ’bout noses?