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Drawing with Pen and Ink or Oops! It’s Over

Different arts attract different personalities. And, in the fine arts, different media attract different ones, too.

Artists who paint with oils know that they can pretty much correct any mistake they might make. Watercolorists . . . not so much. Sculptors who use clay can add and subtract to their work as they go along:  A bit too much clay added here can be carved away and work can go on. A potter, on the other hand, can ruin his/her work at any stage of the process and that is pretty much that.

In drawing, the artists who use pencil have a certain degree of security about correcting mistakes. After all, that’s what erasers are for, right?  But those who use pen and ink are apparently made of “stronger stuff” and are willing to risk the irreversible as part of the process.

Today’s video is made for you if you feel that you are — at least artistically — more of a risk seeker. It’s a time-lapse drawing done in pen and ink and will show you a little (just a little) of what can be done with this terrific medium.

Note: I realize that a lot of this drawing involves washes, but the artist could have done his shading with a pen techniques, and I don’t think the washes detract from the purely drawn aspects of the work.



So, what do you think?

You’ve seen this landscape, and I know you’re familiar with some of the more detailed pen and ink works that are out there. So, are you feeling like taking a few risks and maybe learning something new?

I hope so because among the next few videos there are going to be tutorials in pen and ink drawing that may help you get into and really appreciate this medium.

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