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Drawing with Colored Pencils: An Apple a Day

Maybe it’s just me, but do colored pencils seem to be growing in popularity?

The more I look at colored pencil drawing, the more I can understand why. For those who are a little afraid of getting into painting — how on earth can you control color with a stick with little hairs on the end? — colored pencils let them use color. The colors are beautiful and numerous, and blending can enhance even those. And, of course, there’s the detail that’s possible with pencils.

Many illustrators use colored pencils, and today’s video is a quick drawing of an apple to give you a hint of what’s possible with them. (Colored pencils not apples.)

I hope you took a look at this illustrator’s other works at the end of the video. They give you even a better idea of the possibilities with colored pencils. (And remind you that this is illustration, not trompe l’oeil.)

The main thing I hope you get out of this video is the colors the artist uses on the apple. Would you ever have thought of using gray? Creating color in a drawing (or painting or, for some reason, on my walls) can be a tricky thing. So . . .

Practice, practice, practice.

I hope you enjoyed today’s video and learned a little something.

If you’d like to see another slant on using colored pencils, there’s another quick apple drawing you might enjoy at Colored Pencils Product Review – Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils. This video is, of course, a product review so I didn’t feature it, but if you’re interested in checking out Prismacolor Pencils, here’s a link.*


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