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Drawing: When You’ve Got the Itch

We haven’t done any new techniques lately, so today I have something a little different for you,

Actually, you may have seen something like this used before, but this video will show you how it works.

So what the heck am I talking about? Scratch technique.

This video will give you a fairly good idea of how to use this technique — at least one way of how to use it — but I do have to admit that even though the video went fairly quickly (it’s about eight or nine minutes long), the narration is a little boring. So . . .  bear with it.

I had a bit of hesitation about posting this video because I’ve seen this technique used  . . . uh . . . in somewhat tacky work. But I still think it has a lot of potential: Some of the texture in this picture is beautiful.

So, whether you choose to enhance the techniques you already use or just want to try something new, whether you think this technique will help you develop your renderings of texture or you’ve begun to realize the potential for . . . “novelty” with this, give it a try.

And, tomorrow, I’ve got a variation on this technique that might give you even more ideas.

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