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Drawing Jake in Pastels

Today’s post is about a lumberjack who for some reason will only wear pastels.

Yes, Yes, of course, I’m kidding.

Jake is actually a Gordon setter, and today’s video is a portrait of him done in pastels.

The artist is Mary Herbert, and the (speed) drawing is . . .  well, watch it and see.



I told you — sort of — didn’t I?

The portrait in itself is beautiful, but the video is so instructive.

Look at those ears. They actually remind me of some of the doodles I’ve seen, but transformed here into fur.

The eyes and nose are technique-wise spectacular.  If you like realism, you have got to appreciate Ms. Herbert’s talent and skill.

And did you notice  the dog’s collar? Can you believe how much work went into it?

I think this drawing — despite the fact that it’s a speed drawing — just goes to shoe that work — and training — really do pay off.

I really hope you enjoyed watching this video and that you picked up a lot of tips from it. If you did, please share today’s post with your friends.