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Drawing Flowers: They Asked For It!

You may have noticed (I hope someone noticed) that I haven’t been posting quite as regularly as usual lately.

The reason for this, as I explained in my previous post, is that it’s spring, and I just want to be doing gardening (especially flower) related things. Fortunately, flowers and drawing have, as you saw in my last post, a degree of overlap because flowers just beg to be drawn.

Today, I have two more short flower-related drawing videos for you, but these add a little something new. The drawings in these are also done in colored pencils, but these include watercolor pencils and will introduce some of you to a whole new technique. (Don’t worry: It’s easy and it’s fun . . . like all flower-related things should be.)


I told you it was easy and fun.  And you won’t have to worry about your model getting restless. Wilting maybe, but not getting restless.

So, when you decide to take a break from being outside and doing all those spring things so many of us have been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for, why not grab your pencils and a flower and give this technique a try?

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