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Doodling Differently

Happy Doodle Monday!

Today’s doodling post is a little different than most of them have been. And — I admit it — many of you may not “relate.” But for those of you who do . . .

Today’s doodle is primarily for those who journal or, to be specific, art journal. (How can I be using “art journal” as a verb? What has become of me?)

If you keep an art journal, this video should give you a few ideas about adding doodles to it. And it stresses the importance of sketching, so that can’t be bad.

So, there you go, art journalists. A little encouragement to set those stamps aside for a minute or two and open your journal to a whole new world: doodling.

And for those of you who don’t keep an art journal, maybe you can take away a few ideas for your sketching. (You are creative, aren’t you?)

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