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Colored Pencils: Blending Technique

Yesterday’s post showed you how to use watercolor pencils to get some color in your drawing and do a little “cross over” into painting, should you feel so inclined.

Should you not feel so inclined, but still would like to introduce color into your drawings, you can always used traditional colored pencils. Today’s videos will show you how to blend with colored pencils to perfection.



This second video is sort of optional. (Yes, I know: They’re all optional.) It’s a promotional video for Prismacolor Colored Pencils, but it has some great lessons in it and is worth watching if you really want to get a handle on blending.



Colored pencils are a terrific way to start working color into your drawing. You don’t really have to learn completely new techniques to get started, and you can pick up a small set of Prismacolor Colored Pencils for under $10.00, so testing the waters doesn’t involve a major investment.

I hope you enjoyed today’s little trip into color, and I hope you’ll consider adding some color to your drawing from time to time. ]

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