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  • Julian Beever’s Bathing Beauty

    Julian Beever’s Bathing Beauty

    Here’s another of Julian Beever’s fantastic trompe l’oeil pavement works. In the last post featuring Julian Beever, he explained what he does. In this video, you can hear by-standers marveling at his work, which this time features a bathing beauty at Redondo Beach. Do you like this artist’s work as much as I do? If so, keep checking this site because I’m always on the look-out for more of his drawings. If you can’t wait to see more, click here […]

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  • A Closer Look at Julian Beever’s Art

    A Closer Look at Julian Beever’s Art

    I’ve already done two posts on Julian Beever’s 3D pavement art, but this post goes a little bit further and includes an interview with the artist. You can watch as he creates a new work, and hear him explain how he does what he does. I can’t seem to get enough of this artist. It does make me a little sad, however, that his works are temporary.  But he does explain why that doesn’t really bother him . . . […]

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  • More of the Amazing Julian Beever

    More of the Amazing Julian Beever

    Animals — including humans — develop depth perception at a young age.  It’s one of the things that helps them (us) survive. But depth perception can be fooled, and Julian Beever seems to love to rattle our depth-perception chains. The video below shows glimpses of a number of  Beever’s works; all of them are pretty amazing. Did you notice how many people avoided stepping on some of the illusions.  I’d like to think that people are just being respectful of  […]

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  • Drawing Illusion

    Drawing Illusion

    If you like drawing, or if you like  illusions, you’re going to really like this video. It shows Adam Johnston recreating (when you watch the video, you’ll know why it’s hard to say “copy”)  an original drawing by J. D. Hillberry.  The work is impressive and the concept is great. You just have to watch it and see how it’s done. Pretty amazing, right? And I love the way it’s filmed so that it seems to come together so quickly. […]

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  • The Pavement Picasso

    The Pavement Picasso

    Julian Beever is a UK  artist who began creating anamorphic pavement illusions in the early 90’s. His  trompe-l’œil chalk pavement drawings must be seen from one special viewpoint to get the proper effect.  If the viewer moves, the illusion is lost. Take a look. Since beginning his pavement drawings, Beever’s popularity and demand among  corporate business (note that this drawing is for Aveeno) has grown, and he has worked in 28 countries. Have you ever seen one of Beever’s fabulous […]

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