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  • How to Draw a 3D Illusion: A Drawing Drawing Itself

    How to Draw a 3D Illusion: A Drawing Drawing Itself

    Do you like the 3D, tromp l’oeil drawings like those by Julian Beever and Tracy Lee Stum and Kurt Wenner? Would you like to know how they’re done and how you could draw like that, too? Today’s post  has two videos.  The first is the short version of the finished work that is created in the second video. If you’re short on time (I know: everyone is recovering from Thanksgiving), you can watch the first video.  But if you really […]

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  • Who’s Your Daddy? The Father of 3D Pavement Art

    Who’s Your Daddy? The Father of 3D Pavement Art

    Remember Julian Beever? Who could forget Julian Beever with his fantastic 3D pavement chalk drawings? Today’s post shows a series of 3D pavement chalk drawings by Kurt Wenner, who just happens to be the inventor of this art movement. According to Wikipedia, Wenner produced his first commissioned mural when he was 16, and by the time he was 17 was earning his living as a graphic artist.  He attended Rhode Island School of Design and Art Center College of Design, […]

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  • There Is 3D Drawing, and Then There Is 3D Drawing

    There Is 3D Drawing, and Then There Is 3D Drawing

    This isn’t one of those giant trompe l’oeil, street art wonders I post here every so often. It’s a small, drawing on paper. But, I think that in 23 seconds it will boggle your mind just as much as the “big guys” do. What did I tell you?  I actually feel a little dizzy. Now, you have to admit that that this is one interesting drawing. And it only takes 23 seconds to watch. And your friends are bored. So, […]

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  • Weekend Illusions

    Weekend Illusions

    He’s back! It’s the weekend, so I thought everyone could chill by looking at some more fabulous trompe l’oeil pavement chalk art. I love the ladders in this video.  They don’t look realistic, but they do look three dimensional, even in a real setting. Really interesting and fun. Besides the ladders, I also like the Eiffel Tower in this slide show. And the parked car.  And the . . . Do you create trompe l’oeil art? It seems to be […]

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  • Card Trick: Stunning Small Scale Trompe L’oeil

    Card Trick: Stunning Small Scale Trompe L’oeil

    Some may quibble that this “drawing” includes painting. But since no one quibbled over the drawing done with chocolate syrup . . . And since this drawing is just too good to be missed . . . I’m posting it. The trompe l’oeil works I’ve posted before have been large works. The artists tended to use perspective techniques that required the viewer to look at the work from one point. Those drawings are big and dramatic and dazzling in their […]

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  • Can 1,662,790 People Be Wrong?

    Can 1,662,790 People Be Wrong?

    Yes, well over one million people have watched this video. Well, maybe some watched it twice, but still . . . What you’ll see is a series of trompe l’oeil drawn on paper.  Some incorporate real objects (e.g., hands).  Some stand on their own.  And all  are fabulous. More amazing 3D drawings! (My favorite is the dancer.) There’s not too much too say about them. Watching them tells you all you need to know. I’ve posted several works of trompe […]

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  • Tracy Lee Stum: World Champion Street Artist

    Tracy Lee Stum: World Champion Street Artist

    “Tracy Lee Stum” is an American artist best known for her spectacular/large interactive 3d street paintings or chalk drawings. An internationally respected talent, Stum is recognized as the leading female street painter in the world today. Her imaginative 3d Street Paintings and murals have been commissioned by corporations, advertising agencies, arts organizations, educational institutes and government agencies throughout the North America, Asia, India and Europe. She currently holds a Guinness World Record for the Largest Chalk Painting by an Individual. […]

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  • How to Draw a Glass of Water

    How to Draw a Glass of Water

    Unless you’re very thirsty, the thought of a glass of water probably leaves you yawning. But wait until you see this time-lapse video of someone drawing a glass of water. Suddenly the mundane becomes beautiful and amazing. Didn’t I tell you it was amazing? Just a “simple” drawing of a glass of water can suddenly become a wonder. Even when you can see right before you’re eyes how it’s done. Doesn’t it make you want to give 3-dimensional drawing a […]

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  • IKEA’s Australian Trompe L’Oeil Creation

    IKEA’s Australian Trompe L’Oeil Creation

    Remember the post about Julian Beever’s  “Fountain of Youth” pavement drawing that was done for Aveeno? Well, IKEA commissioned it’s own pavement art to celebrate 60 years of their catalogue. I don’t know who the artist is on IKEA’s drawing, but you can probably tell that it isn’t Julian Beever. Nice though the drawing is, I don’t think it’s nearly as accomplished as Beever’s work. But, who cares? It’s a fun drawing and a fun video. Did you like it? […]

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  • Julian Beever’s La Grieta (The Crack)

    Julian Beever’s La Grieta (The Crack)

    He’s back! Julian Beever is English, but — as you can tell by this video — his fans are international. This video is only 2 minutes and 23 seconds long. It left me marveling at it at least ten times as long as that. Do you know of any other artists like Julian Beever? Even wannabees? If so, please let us know their names. I’d love to find videos by similar artists to share. If you enjoyed this post and […]

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