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  • Drawing: Don’t Go Shopping Hungry

    Drawing: Don’t Go Shopping Hungry

    Did anyone ever tell you not to go grocery shopping when you’re hungry? Of course, they did. I certainly heard it enough. But no one ever told me not to look at videos when I was hungry.     So, did I land on this video and did it look so great to me because it’s a really good trompe l’oeil drawing or because I’m just so hungry right now? Maybe both? Have a great weekend. Draw a little and […]

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  • Got Kids?  3D Drawing with Bonus Lesson

    Got Kids? 3D Drawing with Bonus Lesson

    It’s Sunday, so I thought you might like to sit back and look at a little 3D drawing. And, I’ve got two of them for you. The first is a good example of a 3D technique I see quite a lot of. It involves actually drawing in two dimensions (What?) to end up with three. The second video is a lesson in a  simple way to draw a 3D hand. If you have youngish children, I think they might really […]

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  • Trompe l’oeil:  When It’s Fun to Be Fooled

    Trompe l’oeil: When It’s Fun to Be Fooled

    Today I realized that we haven’t had any trompe l’oeil drawings in what in internet time is forever. And who doesn’t love trompe l’oeil? It can be sort of gimmicky sometimes, but it requires so much skill that you can’t really say that. (Oh, I just did.)  And who doesn’t  want — at least secretly — to be able to draw like the trompe l’oeil artists do?   When I watched this trompe l’oeil drawing being done, it looked a […]

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  • Read All About It!

    Read All About It!

    Just joking with the “read” part. That is not what we’re about here. Instead, just sit back and watch today’s 3D drawing video. I’ve posted a lot of trompe l’oeil drawing videos, but they’ve pretty much fallen into two categories: the giant, outdoor, watch-your-step-you-could-fall-right-in kind of sidewalk chalk drawings and depictions of metal or water. I like them both, but today’s artist takes on something a little different: a newpaper. I really like this drawing. And he uses some pretty […]

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  • Happy Fourth of July . . . in 3D!

    Happy Fourth of July . . . in 3D!

    So what if he’s British? Julian Beever sure knows how to draw a 3D eagle for the Fourth of July. Enjoy the drawing and have a great Fourth of July! Wish your friends a happy Fourth of July:  Share this post with them.

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  • 3D Break

    3D Break

    It’s been a while since we’ve seen any trompe l’oeil chalk street art, so I thought I post this little montage. I say “little,” but — as you probably know or can tell — this type of work is in no way little:  big concepts, big scale, big effort, big audiences, and big talent.     One thing bothers me about this kind of street art: I’ve never seen any in person.  And yet, there seems to be so much […]

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  • It’s the Weekend: Time to Hit the Streets

    It’s the Weekend: Time to Hit the Streets

    Well, since it’s the weekend, and since I haven’t posted any 3D street art for quite a while, and since I found a great video of it . . . You may have seen a few of these before, but I’ll bet there are some new ones that will make viewing this worth the mere 3 minutes and 40 seconds you need to watch it.     My favorite is the one of the man riding his bike on the […]

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  • The Key to 3D

    The Key to 3D

    If you lived in the house with this kitchen, you might have a key like this one. It just looks like such a regular two-dimensional drawing until . . . those last few touches.  And, suddenly, it’s a three-dimensional key! I think maybe the small scale of this 3D drawing makes it almost more impressive than some of the really large ones.  It seems like if you have enough space and material and planning and hours of labor, you could […]

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  • First, Find a Hundred Dollar Bill

    First, Find a Hundred Dollar Bill

    It’s Friday and the weekend is only a few hours away, so I’m sure you need a challenge to take your mind off of the work week. So, first, find a hundred dollar bill. Then get your ball point pen. And maybe a couple of colored pencils and a piece of paper.   The artist (Serafin Ureno) has done several of these realism challenges, but said that this was the most difficult and took about 3 or 4 hours. That’s […]

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  • The Best 3D Street Art of 2012

    The Best 3D Street Art of 2012

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted any trompe l’oeil street art, but today I have a terrific video of the best 3D street art of the year to make up for it. There is a little problem with this video: I don’t know who decided that these works are the best.  Hmmm . . . Oh well, they’re so good that I’m willing to overlook that. I hope you enjoyed the video.  My favorite drawing — I think — […]

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