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  • Trompe l’Oeil Euro Note or How Forgers Get Their Start

    Trompe l’Oeil Euro Note or How Forgers Get Their Start

    Now this drawing certainly doesn’t start out looking like it’s going to be realistic, but . . .wait until you see the finished work. It sure looks like a 50 Euro note to me. The problem is: I don’t have a 50 Euro note and have never even seen one.  So, can anyone out there comment on this drawing for us stay-at-homes?     If this drawing is as realistic as I think it is, this artist has a promising […]

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  • Skull Drawing: What I Do for You

    Skull Drawing: What I Do for You

    Here’s the thing.  I don’t really like skull art (or just about skull anything). And I don’t even like apples. And yet today I have a drawing of an apple turned into a skull for you. Why? No, I don’t like to suffer. It’s because this is one heck of an amazing anamorphic illusion, and you have to see it.     Didn’t I tell you? This drawing made the skull-apple combination worth it even for me. Hope you enjoyed […]

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  • Anamorphic Mood Changer

    Anamorphic Mood Changer

    What do you do when you’re in a bad mood? Watch old sitcoms? Play basketball? Read something funny? Eat chocolate? Go shopping? Well, today, I’m in a bad mood so I wondered what might snap me out of it, and I realized that maybe a bit of Julian Beever anamorphic street chalk art might do the trick. So, I went and found this video of him in Vienna in 2009 drawing one of his most difficult works. And the video […]

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  • A Geometric Approach to Trompe l’Oeil

    A Geometric Approach to Trompe l’Oeil

    If you got my Facebook message — which is iffy as FB has adopted a somewhat whimsical approach to who gets them now — you know that I’ve been having a few challenges posting lately. First my computer walked off the job, so to speak. So, I got a new one, and turns out there’s something of a learning curve with it. And . . . and . . . and . . . I’ll spare your the rest except […]

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  • 3D Drawing: You Know You Want To

    3D Drawing: You Know You Want To

    This post was meant to get posted a few days ago, but despite the amazing advances of technology, I haven’t been able to get on the internet for a few days. Sigh. Currently, a new internet service provider is laying cable in our neighborhood so maybe internet frustration will be a thing of the past.  Maybe. Meanwhile, here’s Wednesday’s post: You’ve seen a lot of 3-dimensional — or anamorphic — drawings here because . . . well, they’re fascinating. Now, […]

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  • Drawing: More Shiny Realism

    Drawing: More Shiny Realism

    There’s so much to art, and so much to drawing. And I do like to mix it up for you. But even though I just posted a trompe l’oeil drawing, I’ve got another one for you. After you see it, you’ll realize why I had to post it. If you liked the shiny pickle jar (and you should have), you’ll love this drawing of a shiny Viking helmet. It’s worth studying. There’s a lot to learn from this drawing, and […]

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  • Pickled Realism

    Pickled Realism

    This is — obviously — a realistic drawing of a jar of pickles. There’s not too much else to say except .  .  .  .  Yes, I know the artist used a little paint, and . . . .  I can’t believe this is largely done with permanent-markerish pens. Wow!     One last thing to say, although this video is just plain fun to watch, it’s worth it from an art-lesson standpoint just to see how the reflection on […]

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  • A 3D Merry Christmas

    A 3D Merry Christmas

    If you’ve been practicing the lightning bolt and coil techniques I posted about in the last couple of days and trying to perfect your figure sketching, you’re probably exhausted. And, it is almost Christmas. So, today’s post is one of Julian Beever’s great trompe l’oeil chalk drawings with a Christmas motif. To give you a break and get your in the spirit. What else can I say except Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! And, oh yes: See you next year!

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  • Can You Believe Your Eyes? The Return of Julian Beever

    Can You Believe Your Eyes? The Return of Julian Beever

    It’s been a long time since we’ve seen any trompe l’oeil, and it’s been even longer since we’ve seen any Julian Beever (not to be confused with Justin Bieber) trompe l’oeil. All that is about to change. I’ve just found a new-to-me video of some of Beever’s chalk drawings, and there are a few worth looking at that we haven’t seen before. At least not here. My favorite is the opening drawing with the woman sitting on top of the […]

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  • This Is What Happens . . .

    This Is What Happens . . .

    This is what happens when you post at lunch time.     I have to admit that I think this is one of the most beautiful drawings I’ve ever seen. In fact, it may be one of the most beautiful drawings in the world. I wonder if prints are available. Before I actually bite into the computer screen . . . Share this with your artist friends who have already eaten. Just click that button.

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