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  • Miley Cyrus Portrait Drawing

    Miley Cyrus Portrait Drawing

    This post has a portrait of another celebrity: Miley Cyrus. If you remember the portrait of Johnny Dep, it was in dry brush; the one of Emma Watson was in charcoal. This one is is in yet another medium. What do you think of this medium as compared to the dry brush and charcoal? I have to say that I prefer the other two; they’re just subtler and less “harsh” to me.  However, the end drawing is certainly not as […]

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  • How To Draw an Angry Mouth

    How To Draw an Angry Mouth

    In this post, I’ve got a really good instructional video on drawing a mouth.  And since I’m in a bad mood today (just kidding), it’s an angry mouth. This artist knows what he’s doing, but maybe even more important, he knows how to teach what he does. So, if you need to draw an angry mouth, you’re all set. You may remember in some other posts that sometimes the artist works all over the drawing as he progresses, while others […]

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  • How To Draw a Face:  The Basics

    How To Draw a Face: The Basics

    People love to draw faces, and so far, you’ve seen a couple of videos demonstrating complete portraits (Johnny Dep and Emma Watson) and a few showing how to draw specific features (e.g., eyes, hair, noses). This video is going to go back a bit and demonstrate the absolute basics of drawing a face. So now, if you’d like to try drawing a face, you’ve got the essentials. And you’ve seen a bit on how to add eyes, noses, and hair […]

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  • Charcoal Portrait of Emma Watson/Hermione

    Charcoal Portrait of Emma Watson/Hermione

    I like to look at (and show) portrait drawings of celebrities because the model is so familiar to most of us. On July 11, I posted a video of a “speed portrait” of Johnny Dep, and today I have one in charcoal of Emma Watson, who played Hermione in the Harry Potter series, for comparison. Both of these are great likenesses, but what do you think of the different techniques and media (dry brush vs. charcoal) that were used? Do […]

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  • How To Draw Hair

    How To Draw Hair

    If you want to do portrait drawing — and unless you are planning to stick to bald models —  you’re going to have to draw hair. Here’s a really good video on one technique for drawing hair.  Pay special attention to this artist’s use of negative space:  He doesn’t just work around blank paper, he actually goes back into the drawing to create it. As I said, this is one technique for drawing hair; there are others.  For example, there […]

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  • How To Draw a Nose

    How To Draw a Nose

    If you want to draw faces, you’re going to need to know how to draw noses.  So . . . First the bad news: This video is a little longer than I like to show, and the music is a tad annoying (at least it was to me). The good news: If you’ve been looking for a good instructional video on drawing noses, this one should fill the bill. Well, what did you think? Did this video show you everything […]

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  • Dry Brush Speed Drawing of Johnny Dep

    Dry Brush Speed Drawing of Johnny Dep

    According to Wikipedia “portraiture’s roots are likely found in prehistoric times.”  You can still  find surviving examples of portraiture in Greek and Roman, Chinese, and Egyptian art. Although ancient portraits can be highly stylized, a good modern portrait is supposed to be a good likeness, but also to flatter or capture the essence of the sitter. This drawing of Johnny Dep does all of that  and is a good lesson for aspiring portraitists. Don’t worry:  It’s a speed drawing so […]

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  • How To Draw Eyes

    How To Draw Eyes

    One of the first things most people want to draw is faces. This video demonstrates how to draw the most expressive of the facial features — the eyes — quickly and realistically. I’ll be posting how-tos for drawing other features — and more — soon. Post a comment and let us know what you’d like to learn to draw better, and please use the “Share” button to help other budding artists.  

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