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  • Painting with Pencils

    Painting with Pencils

    There have been a few posts on this blog showing art that hovers over the border between drawing and painting. But in this portrait by Louis Smith, I think you get to see something really, really close to actually painting with pencils.     Here — in the artist’s words — is a list of the materials that he used for this work: “A charcoal lay-in followed by conte pencil (compressed charcoal) cross hatching to create the detail in the […]

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  • Big Baby: Portraiture on a Grand Scale

    Big Baby: Portraiture on a Grand Scale

    Before anyone says anything, I do know that this is technically not a “drawing.”  It’s a graffiti portrait and the artist uses spray paint. But I wanted you to see this video because — besides the fact that it’s cool — it’s a great lesson in portraiture and shading. Not to mention realism. And that lesson (or lessons) could easily be applied to drawing.     A lot of people are dismissive of graffiti artists, but this video goes to […]

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  • Look This Way: How to Draw Heads from Different Angles

    Look This Way: How to Draw Heads from Different Angles

    Okay. So far this week, we’ve doodled and drawn dogs and looked at my dog (over at Facebook) and experienced some 3D street art. I think it’s time to get back to business. If you like to draw people (And who doesn’t like to draw people?), you frequently have to draw heads with faces on them and sometimes those faces are not  looking straight at you. Things can get tricky . . .  but they don’t have to, and today’s […]

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  • Facial Proportions: You’ve Got to Get Them Right

    Facial Proportions: You’ve Got to Get Them Right

    Face it (yes, it is a pun — sorry) when you draw a person, it’s the face that counts. The face is pretty much how we tell each other apart. And since we all have mostly the same facial features, it’s the proportions of those features that differentiates us. If you’ve ever had any trouble getting those proportions just right, today’s post will show you a little trick.   It all looks so easy now, doesn’t it? Well, portraiture isn’t […]

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  • You’re Going to Draw with What?

    You’re Going to Draw with What?

    Some people just have to show off. Of course, when you can do what this artist can, you probably have a right to. Two portraits. Two hands. Same time. The mind boggles. The first video is the practice run for the drawing. The second video is a later version.       Pretty darn amazing. One of the comments the second video got was “How many brains do you have?”  Indeed. So, I guess you know what you have to […]

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  • Right From the Start

    Right From the Start

    One of the things I’ve learned about art is that almost anything done in oil can be saved at any time, and that almost anything — ie., pottery — done in clay can be ruined at any time. (I think the choice between these two media says a lot about a person because of that.) So, wasn’t it a comfort in the charcoal drawings of the last couple of days that you could — for the most part — erase […]

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  • A Celebratory Self-Portrait

    A Celebratory Self-Portrait

    Today’s video is from bluepenart. When the young artist over at bluepenart got to 100 subscribers, he celebrated by drawing a self-portrait. So, I thought that it was appropriate that when I got to 200 posts, I should post it here. What’s more. this video has two of my favorite things going on:  It’s shows a speed drawing and The self-portrait is done with a Bic pen (I’m always fascinated by people who draw with ballpoint pens.)     If […]

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  • Abe Lincoln in Ballpoint: More Interesting Than It Sounds

    Abe Lincoln in Ballpoint: More Interesting Than It Sounds

    Catchy title, huh? But . . . when I think of Abe Lincoln, I can’t help but think of history classes, which can be — although they shouldn’t — less than exciting. When I think of ballpoint pens, I think of freebies given out by places like car dealerships and mortgage companies. And I don’t think I need to elaborate on that kind of boring. Today’s drawing, a portrait of Abraham Lincoln drawn by J. Stephen Gazsi with a ballpoint […]

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  • Portrait of Steve Jobs in White Charcoal

    Portrait of Steve Jobs in White Charcoal

    One of the many things I love about art is how differently different artists portray the same thing. (I also love how differently the same artist can portray the same thing with different media, different technique, etc., but that’s for another day.) In today’s video, the artist creates a portrait of Steve Jobs in white charcoal.  The artist is a professional and is very fun to watch.  And because she’s so skilled, she’s also very educational to watch. I think […]

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  • Lagniappe


    A lagniappe (pron.: /ˈlænjæp/ LAN-yap) is a small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase (such as a 13th doughnut when buying a dozen), or more broadly, “something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure.”    (Wikipedia)   I thought I’d take a break in the middle of the sketchbook mini-series and throw in some lagniappe art. If you’re new to this blog, you may have missed some of the posts […]

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