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  • Drawing: In the Mood

    Drawing: In the Mood

    What emotion is going to show up on your face when I tell you that today’s video is the longest one I’ve ever posted? Well, it doesn’t matter which one because if you watch the video, you’ll be able to draw it. Yes, today’s post is on how to draw emotions.  This video reduces everything to a minimum while still enabling you to create easily recognizable moods and emotions in your subject So, since the video is longish and time […]

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  • Oscar Selfie Portrait

    Oscar Selfie Portrait

    Okay, okay. I admit it. I’ve been watching a lot of television lately. A lot. So, maybe that’s why when I started looking at this artist’s wildlife portraits, I got distracted by this colored-pencil drawing of all those actors at the Oscars posing for their selfie. Or maybe it’s because it’s jut such a great drawing and so much fun to watch being created. And did I mention that it’s educational? Watch it a couple of times, and you’ll see […]

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  • Ballpoint-Pen Portrait in Color

    Ballpoint-Pen Portrait in Color

    Yesterday, we looked at a beautifully shaded ballpoin-pen portrait of Audrey Hepburn. Today, I’ve got another ballpoint pen portrait of . . . someone . . .  It also has that subtle shading that’s so hard to imagine creating with a ballpoint, but this one is also in color.     Be sure to study the illustration of the knit work in the hat and scarf. I know artists who would have trouble with that detail using something as forgiving […]

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  • Sign Here Please: The Things You Can Do with a Ballpoint Pen

    Sign Here Please: The Things You Can Do with a Ballpoint Pen

    I don’t know about you, but I think ballpoint pens are clunky. They may be small, but they are not always — if ever — delicate. And those globs of ink that come out of them! Unless, of course, they’re skipping. I honestly have trouble even signing my name with one. I suspect that Allan Barbeau doesn’t haven’t the same issues as I do. And after you see his ballpoint portrait of Jack Sparrow, you’ll know what I’m talking about. […]

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  • Speaking of Drawing Lips . . . again

    Speaking of Drawing Lips . . . again

    Okay, now that you know a bit about the anatomy of lips and there aren’t any loose ones around (Whew!), it’s time to flesh out the supporting structure of the lips with some “squishy little pillows.” (You’ll hear about these in the video.) You’ll  also revisit that light source business and shading as Proko shows you some more about creating realistic lips. So . . .     This artist explains things so well and makes them look so easy […]

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  • Loose Lips: Dangerous to Ships, But Easy to Draw

    Loose Lips: Dangerous to Ships, But Easy to Draw

    Maybe you recall that the other day, I mentioned that your portraits would look silly without noses. Well, they’d look just as silly without lips. So, today and tomorrow I have a couple of instructional videos on drawing lips. These videos — like the ones on noses — were made by Stan Prokopenko, and if you’re wondering why I keep selecting his tutorials, it’s because I think they’re so good. (Trust me: I look at a lot of videos, and […]

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  • Almost Missed It by a Nose

    Almost Missed It by a Nose

    First: Apologies. I promised (well, said) on Tuesday that I’d have more on drawing noses yesterday, and it didn’t happen. As you know: Sometimes (other) stuff just happens. But I didn’t forget, and today’s video —  “How to Draw a Nose  – Step-by-Step” — is a follow-up to the video on the anatomy of the nose. (Notice how you were painlessly eased through the prerequisite for this video? You’re going to be so glad you watched that first video.) So, […]

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  • How to Draw a Nose: He Knows Your Nose Better Than You Knows It

    How to Draw a Nose: He Knows Your Nose Better Than You Knows It

    A silly title. I know. But when I was looking for videos to help you draw noses, this artist’s leaped out at me:  He doesn’t just tell you what lines to put where, he explains the nose to you so that you know why you’re putting them there. Yes, today’s video is on, to be specific, the anatomy of the nose. Before you start yawning, let me point out that if you pay a little attention to this, it will […]

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  • Self-Portrait: Well, What Do You Know?

    Self-Portrait: Well, What Do You Know?

    The last few posts have been on portraiture, drawing the face and all that. So, you can imagine how happy I was to happen upon this self-portrait when I was trolling for videos. I think this drawing is a good example of what results when someone knows the lessons in the videos of the little portraiture series, applies that knowledge to a self-portrait, and throws in some of his own personal style.     What do you think? I like […]

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  • Look at You!  How to Draw Aging

    Look at You! How to Draw Aging

    You now have a pretty good idea of facial proportions head on and from any angle. And you should be a bit more clear about what distinguishes male and female faces. So, today’s video is a lesson in how to indicate the age of a (female) model because — despite advertisements to the contrary — no one can look the same age forever. (And, yes, I am speaking from personal experience.) As you can imagine this subject (well, actually, all […]

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