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  • Flower Tattoo Sketch

    Flower Tattoo Sketch

    A lot of tattoo art is just plain creepy. The drawing can be gorgeous, but the subject matter . . . Not so much. So, when I decided to find an example of tattoo art that shows just how accomplished tattoo artists can be, I had to wade though a lot of . . . well, art that I would rather avoid. But persistence has paid off because I’ve got a really beautiful drawing of a flower that (I assume) […]

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  • When They Won’t Let You Draw on the Walls

    When They Won’t Let You Draw on the Walls

    Tattoos have been around in one form or another for . . . well, forever.  You can’t really call  tattooing a fad these days, but . . . can you really call it art? I’ve never been a fan of committing to a  temporary infatuation to the point where I’m willing to permanently display the object of the infatuation on my body — I’m picturing pink unicorns frolicking across my shoulders — but I can’t help but acknowledge the artistry […]

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