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  • Put Them All Together They Spell Still Life

    Put Them All Together They Spell Still Life

    Yesterday and the day before, I posted instructional videos on sketching, blending, and shading. Today’s video is also instructional and shows you how to put these things together and use them to create a picture, in this case a still life. (If you’re just learning, it’s better if your model isn’t on the move.) The video is, unfortunately, silent, but the way this artist draws is entertaining in itself. I hope you noticed in this video that the artist worked […]

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  • Working with Pastels: A Lesson and an Inspiration

    Working with Pastels: A Lesson and an Inspiration

    There sometimes seems to be a little confusion as to whether working with pastels is drawing or painting. The thing is this is a drawing site, and I want to include pastel works on it. So from here on I’m just going to pretend that the whole matter doesn’t exist, i.e, as far as I’m concerned, working with pastels equals drawing. I’ll try to avoid mentioning the issue ever again. So, for today’s drawing video – or videos – I’ve […]

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  • Charcoal vs. Pencil

    Charcoal vs. Pencil

    Some artists prefer to draw with pencil and some prefer charcoal.  Of course, they’re different to handle, but exactly what is the difference (or differences) in the end result of using one or the other? This post has videos of  drawings of light bulbs that will give you a good idea. (If you really want to compare the results, be sure to pause each video when the drawing is complete but before it goes any further.) The first drawing is […]

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  • Drawing for Everyone

    Drawing for Everyone

    You know that saying, “You can’t please everyone”? Well, today, I’m going to try. Some of you who visit this site are probably interested in learning to draw or improving your drawing. Others just “wanna have fun” and watch some entertaining drawing. So in this post, I’ve got a video for each group. The first video is a lesson in drawing still life. A lot of art students start with drawing still life (probably because it is still). This video […]

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