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  • I Give In: Skull Drawing

    I Give In: Skull Drawing

    It’s impossible not to notice how popular skulls are and have been for some time now. I don’t get it. But I kept coming across this video that was really, really popular so . . . And now that I’ve finally watched the video and detached myself from the skull aspect of it, I have to admit that I do like this drawing.  Actually, I’m still not crazy about the subject matter, but I do appreciate Paul Alexander Thornton’s talent […]

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  • Time-Lapse Fantasy

    Time-Lapse Fantasy

    When I think of pen and ink drawings, my brain goes directly to the traditional kind. You know:  the European-landscapes-or-architecture-drawn-with-very-fine- lines-and-lots-of-white kind of thing. That is not the way Alex Young’s pen and ink drawings look. The (time-lapse) video for this post is one of him drawing —  from blank board to finished inking — a largish piece of fantasy art.   I guess I should confess at this point that while I know fantasy art is really, really popular, […]

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  • If Vermeer Had Had a Ballpoint

    If Vermeer Had Had a Ballpoint

    The works of art Johannes Vermeer created are considered masterpieces, but – unfortunately – he didn’t produce many. There’s a certain mystery to his art, and there’s a certain mystery to his life. But I am pretty sure he didn’t use a ballpoint pen. If he had, this short video shows what he might have done with it. The video shows a beautiful and –  especially considering the media – amazing drawing. But if you want to be really dazzled, […]

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  • More on Stephen Wiltshire

    More on Stephen Wiltshire

    For those of you who viewed and enjoyed the first video on Stephen Wiltshire a few posts back, I have another video of him today. As you may recall, Stephen is an autistic savant.  He is an untrained but extremely gifted artist who can sketch cityscapes with stunning precision and detail. AND he does it all from memory! In this video, we get to see some of Stephen’s childhood drawings as well as many of the more recent works in […]

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  • Another Living Camera? The Fantastic Work of Samuel Silva

    Another Living Camera? The Fantastic Work of Samuel Silva

    Remember the terrific ballpoint portrait of Katy Perry? The video in this post is of drawings by Samuel Silva, who takes drawing with pens to . . . Well, I’d say a new level, but it’s practically a new dimension. The drawings are shown finished because it could take up to 50 hours to tape him doing one drawing! They’re that meticulous. Wait until you see them. They are unbelievable! I don’t know about you, but I stared and stared […]

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  • Drawing from Memory: The “Living Camera”

    Drawing from Memory: The “Living Camera”

    Stephen Wiltshire is a British man who has been diagnosed with autism.  He is also an artistic phenomenon. Stephen’s art is phenomenal in many ways: the scope of his city panoramas, the accuracy of perspective, the attention to detail . . .  and the fact that he is untrained. But the most amazing aspect of his work is that it’s done completely from memory! After a brief helicopter ride over a large city,  he is able to depict what he’s […]

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  • Surprise Portrait of Katy Perry

    Surprise Portrait of Katy Perry

    I’ve mentioned before how much I like posting portrait drawings of celebrities because most of know how they’re supposed to look. So, today I have one with a surprise. What’s the surprise? It’s done with a Bic pen! (Do you know how difficult that is?) There’s a second “surprise” in this video, too.  But you’ll have to watch it all the way to the end to find out what it is. Did you watch until end? Did you get the […]

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