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  • Sumi-e Drawing

    Sumi-e Drawing

    On the sad side, I had never heard of Sumi-e drawing before. On the happy side, I had never heard of Sumi-e drawing before. Back to the sad side: I don’t know anything about it — other than what I’ve seen — and I’m having a lot of trouble finding information about it. So, here’s the deal: I post a basic, lesson-type video of an artist drawing (yes, he does use a brush, but the technique seems to be referred […]

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  • Pen and Ink: You’re Going to Need Groceries

    Pen and Ink: You’re Going to Need Groceries

    I hope you liked the last two posts on pen and ink. Since it’s almost the weekend, and you’re going to have time on your hands, I’ve got one more pen and ink technique for you to try. This one uses a pen. And ink. And some water. . .  And walnut husks. The “recipe” is on the video.     I hope you give this a try. I love the idea of making art materials out of “things you […]

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  • A “Secret Weapon” for Pen and Ink Sketching

    A “Secret Weapon” for Pen and Ink Sketching

    Yesterday, I showed you a pen and ink landscape with some interesting shading created with a brush and water. Then I promised you that today I’d show you a tool that could help you get some nice effects in your own drawings. The “tool” is really just a pen, but it’s one that was actually designed for calligraphy: the Pilot Parallel Pen. It works beautifully for calligraphy, but there are ways you can manipulate the pen to alter your lines […]

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  • Pen and Ink and . . .

    Pen and Ink and . . .

    Pen and ink and . . . I didn’t finish the title because I felt a little guilty. This video is of a a pen and ink drawing, but there’s also a lot of brush work. So, even though I don’t usually quibble over the borderlines of media, for some reason, I did this time. Not enough to keep me from posting the video though because it is a great drawing, very instructive, and fun to watch.   Now, if […]

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  • Right From the Start

    Right From the Start

    One of the things I’ve learned about art is that almost anything done in oil can be saved at any time, and that almost anything — ie., pottery — done in clay can be ruined at any time. (I think the choice between these two media says a lot about a person because of that.) So, wasn’t it a comfort in the charcoal drawings of the last couple of days that you could — for the most part — erase […]

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  • Is Everything I Learned Wrong?

    Is Everything I Learned Wrong?

    Yesterday, the focus was on drawing on a relatively small surface with a little stylus and lots of color. Today’s drawing focuses on pretty much the opposite. This artist isn’t using a stylus or even a pen or pencil; he’s using spray paint. And he isn’t working on an iPad or even a large sheet of paper; he has a whole wall. After you watch the video, I’ll tell you what strikes me the most about comparing this drawing with […]

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  • A Celebratory Self-Portrait

    A Celebratory Self-Portrait

    Today’s video is from bluepenart. When the young artist over at bluepenart got to 100 subscribers, he celebrated by drawing a self-portrait. So, I thought that it was appropriate that when I got to 200 posts, I should post it here. What’s more. this video has two of my favorite things going on:  It’s shows a speed drawing and The self-portrait is done with a Bic pen (I’m always fascinated by people who draw with ballpoint pens.)     If […]

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  • Wrong Again

    Wrong Again

    Yesterday, I posted what I think is an amazing example of ballpoint pen drawing. What impressed me the most about the drawing was the painterly technique. I usually think of ballpoint pens as sort of clunky. But I have obviously been proved wrong. Like a lot of people, I don’t really like being wrong . . . but I can take it when the proof is so beautiful. I can even take it twice, which is why I’m posting today’s […]

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  • Abe Lincoln in Ballpoint: More Interesting Than It Sounds

    Abe Lincoln in Ballpoint: More Interesting Than It Sounds

    Catchy title, huh? But . . . when I think of Abe Lincoln, I can’t help but think of history classes, which can be — although they shouldn’t — less than exciting. When I think of ballpoint pens, I think of freebies given out by places like car dealerships and mortgage companies. And I don’t think I need to elaborate on that kind of boring. Today’s drawing, a portrait of Abraham Lincoln drawn by J. Stephen Gazsi with a ballpoint […]

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  • Pen and Ink and . . . Other Stuff

    Pen and Ink and . . . Other Stuff

    A couple of days ago we had the oldest surviving animated film. Then yesterday, there was the street artist drawing with rubber. So, now it’s time for something completely different. I have to admit (I seem to do a lot of admitting) that I was unfamiliar with the artist, Jeff Jag, who did today’s drawing, so finding this video (and his site) was a great surprise. When I think of “pen and ink,” I think along traditional lines, and I […]

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