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  • No, Really: It’s Not Just a Watercolor

    No, Really: It’s Not Just a Watercolor

    Yes, I know the video says watercolor, and, yes, there is water used in this picture, but the reason I’m posting it is because of the pen and ink drawing. In my view, it’s mostly a pen and ink drawing anyway. And most of the “watercolor” part is done with what is practically a pen. So . . . Now, that I’ve ranted on about that . . . Not only is this a great picture to study — watch […]

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  • 9 Ways to Shade with Pen and Ink

    9 Ways to Shade with Pen and Ink

    Last week I posted videos of a couple of impressive drawings done with ballpoint pens. Just look at the detail and depth in those drawings. But exactly how do you achieve the shading you need for depth when you’re using a pen? Today, for those of you just getting started with pen and ink, I’ve got a little tutorial that will teach you nine different ways to do just that. (Note: The instructor uses an egg shape for his demonstration. […]

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  • Ballpoint-Pen Portrait in Color

    Ballpoint-Pen Portrait in Color

    Yesterday, we looked at a beautifully shaded ballpoin-pen portrait of Audrey Hepburn. Today, I’ve got another ballpoint pen portrait of . . . someone . . .  It also has that subtle shading that’s so hard to imagine creating with a ballpoint, but this one is also in color.     Be sure to study the illustration of the knit work in the hat and scarf. I know artists who would have trouble with that detail using something as forgiving […]

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  • Audrey Hepburn Drawing in Ballpoint Pen

    Audrey Hepburn Drawing in Ballpoint Pen

    You’ve probably seen ballpoint pen drawings before.  If you ever come here, you certainly have. And you have to realize that if you’re drawing anything except maybe cartoons with ballpoint pens, you have to have a very delicate touch to create subtle shading. If you’ve ever even written with a ballpoint pen — and who hasn’t? — you know what I’m talking about. Well, watch this artist carefully because the subtlety and softness of his shading is somewhat amazing.   […]

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  • The Fantastic Side of Ink

    The Fantastic Side of Ink

    Maybe like me, you think of ink as a really traditional medium. If you do, then like me, you’re way behind the times. The advent of inking tools like Sharpies and the popularity of fantasy art has changed all of that. And yet . . .     It’s cool and modern and all that, and, yet . . . If you watch the artist work and look at the detail of the drawing, it does sort of remind you […]

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  • Sign Here Please: The Things You Can Do with a Ballpoint Pen

    Sign Here Please: The Things You Can Do with a Ballpoint Pen

    I don’t know about you, but I think ballpoint pens are clunky. They may be small, but they are not always — if ever — delicate. And those globs of ink that come out of them! Unless, of course, they’re skipping. I honestly have trouble even signing my name with one. I suspect that Allan Barbeau doesn’t haven’t the same issues as I do. And after you see his ballpoint portrait of Jack Sparrow, you’ll know what I’m talking about. […]

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  • Aye Aye Eye! Pen and Ink vs. Pencil

    Aye Aye Eye! Pen and Ink vs. Pencil

    In the last week or two, I’ve shown a couple of tutorials on using pen and ink. Today’s post is one that will show you some of the differences between pen and ink and pencil, and how they’re used to achieve, if not exactly the same look, the same effect. The subject for both videos is an eye so the differences should be easy to compare. Note: These videos are longish — the first is slightly over 8 minutes and […]

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  • Inky Dinky Do

    Inky Dinky Do

    Remember how a few posts ago I mentioned that I’d be posting a few tutorials on pen and ink drawing? Yes, I did. And today is the first one. It’s on pens and inks, and a little on paper. It’s basic materials information. If you are new to pen and ink, you really should watch this video or, if you don’t like this one, find another one that covers this information. Because I can think of no worse way to […]

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  • Drawing with Pen and Ink or Oops! It’s Over

    Drawing with Pen and Ink or Oops! It’s Over

    Different arts attract different personalities. And, in the fine arts, different media attract different ones, too. Artists who paint with oils know that they can pretty much correct any mistake they might make. Watercolorists . . . not so much. Sculptors who use clay can add and subtract to their work as they go along:  A bit too much clay added here can be carved away and work can go on. A potter, on the other hand, can ruin his/her […]

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  • It Won’t Be Smooth Going

    It Won’t Be Smooth Going

    I’ll bet you think from the title of this post that I’m talking about a career as an artist. Well, that probably won’t be smooth going either, but it’s not what today’s post is about. Today’s post is about another way to help you develop as an artist so you can face the career difficulties. Today’s post is about the difficulties of creating textures in pen and ink. The medium is just so much more “rigid” than graphite or charcoal. […]

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