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  • Landscape Drawing When You’re Out of Cotton Balls

    Landscape Drawing When You’re Out of Cotton Balls

    “So fine was the morning except for a streak of wind here and there that the sea and sky looked all one fabric, as if sails were stuck high up in the sky, or the clouds had dropped down into the sea.”                                                            ― Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse No, no, don’t leave! This is still Best Drawing Videos, and it’s still about drawing, but today’s subject is drawing clouds and you know how poetic clouds can be, so I […]

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  • Portrait in Pastel

    Portrait in Pastel

    Lately, you’ve seen doodles and micro art and and comic book artists and a lot of bits and pieces. So, I think it’s time to get back to something more traditional. Today’s video is a portrait done in pastels. It’s a pretty drawing, but it is also instructional. The video is pretty fast, so you may have to pause it if you’re really studying what this artist does, but I think it’s worth that (minimal) effort.     “Just” a […]

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  • Drawing Jake in Pastels

    Drawing Jake in Pastels

    Today’s post is about a lumberjack who for some reason will only wear pastels. Yes, Yes, of course, I’m kidding. Jake is actually a Gordon setter, and today’s video is a portrait of him done in pastels. The artist is Mary Herbert, and the (speed) drawing is . . .  well, watch it and see.     I told you — sort of — didn’t I? The portrait in itself is beautiful, but the video is so instructive. Look at […]

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  • Pastel Landscape 5: Advanced Tutorial Step-by-Step

    Pastel Landscape 5: Advanced Tutorial Step-by-Step

    For those of you who were off for Presidents’ Day, it’s back-to-work day. It’s also the last of the pastel landscape mini series. The artist today is another one of the “shy” pastel artists: If there’s a single sound on this video, I didn’t hear it. But she makes up for that with good text explanations of what she’s doing, and she goes into quite a lot of detail. I learned a lot from this video, so I hope you […]

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  • Pastel Landscape 4: Tutorial on Mood and Atmosphere

    Pastel Landscape 4: Tutorial on Mood and Atmosphere

    This video was supposed to be posted yesterday (because I like to take a day off on Sunday), but . . . I decided to go to The Big City (for me that means Washington). That wouldn’t have made any difference except that I managed to step into a room when I should have stepped down into the room. (Why people don’t put signs up in their houses is beyond me.) My foot is paying the price . . . […]

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  • Pastel Landscape 3: “Shore and Soliltude”

    Pastel Landscape 3: “Shore and Soliltude”

    Remember how I mentioned that the pastel artists seemed like “quiet types”? Well, this artist is apparently so shy, she isn’t even in the video! (Of course, she did name the picture “Shore and Solitude”.) You don’t get to see her actually working on the piece, but you do get to see the progression of the steps. Having said that, I would like to have seen her working on the water because she goes even a step further than the […]

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  • Pastel Landscape 2: Skies

    Pastel Landscape 2: Skies

    Today I’ve got the second of the pastel landscapes for you. This one is also all about the water and the sky, but watch how this artist creates his sky. Compared to yesterday’s artist, this one blends constantly. And the finished work shows the difference. Technique aside, I think these skies are gorgeous.     Have you noticed that these pastel artists aren’t very chatty?  It seems to be a pattern . . . which makes me wonder if different […]

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  • Pastel Landscape 1: Marsh Landscape

    Pastel Landscape 1: Marsh Landscape

    Have you ever wondered what defines a painting as opposed to a drawing? Boundaries in the art world — and everywhere else, of course — are rapidly crumbling. Just think about mixed media. But there is actually something that defines a painting. And if you follow the next couple of posts, you’ll find out what it is. (Yes, I know it’s a cheap trick to get you to  come back. What can I say?) Meanwhile, you also get to see […]

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  • Working with Pastels: A Lesson and an Inspiration

    Working with Pastels: A Lesson and an Inspiration

    There sometimes seems to be a little confusion as to whether working with pastels is drawing or painting. The thing is this is a drawing site, and I want to include pastel works on it. So from here on I’m just going to pretend that the whole matter doesn’t exist, i.e, as far as I’m concerned, working with pastels equals drawing. I’ll try to avoid mentioning the issue ever again. So, for today’s drawing video – or videos – I’ve […]

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  • Weekend Artist: What YOU Can Do with Pastels

    Weekend Artist: What YOU Can Do with Pastels

    Since it’s the weekend and you’re interested in art (well, you’re here, aren’t you?), I thought you might like to learn a bit more about drawing with pastels. If you’re new to drawing, they’re a great way to get started.  Not only do they let you add color to your drawing, but they are very forgiving. You can blend and even erase areas when you make a mistake . . .  I mean when you change your mind. The first […]

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