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  • Animal Art: Not What You Think!

    Animal Art: Not What You Think!

    So far, I’ve posted animal drawings of cats and dogs and horses and even whales. In this post, I’ve got a drawing of elephants. Before you say, “So what?”  let me point out that this drawing of elephants is drawn by an elephant. Take a look. Pretty incredible, isn’t it? I can’t imagine how anyone can watch this video and not feel differently about animals. Did it make you feel or think differently about animals? Did it make you feel […]

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  • Another Living Camera? The Fantastic Work of Samuel Silva

    Another Living Camera? The Fantastic Work of Samuel Silva

    Remember the terrific ballpoint portrait of Katy Perry? The video in this post is of drawings by Samuel Silva, who takes drawing with pens to . . . Well, I’d say a new level, but it’s practically a new dimension. The drawings are shown finished because it could take up to 50 hours to tape him doing one drawing! They’re that meticulous. Wait until you see them. They are unbelievable! I don’t know about you, but I stared and stared […]

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  • Drawing from Memory: The “Living Camera”

    Drawing from Memory: The “Living Camera”

    Stephen Wiltshire is a British man who has been diagnosed with autism.  He is also an artistic phenomenon. Stephen’s art is phenomenal in many ways: the scope of his city panoramas, the accuracy of perspective, the attention to detail . . .  and the fact that he is untrained. But the most amazing aspect of his work is that it’s done completely from memory! After a brief helicopter ride over a large city,  he is able to depict what he’s […]

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  • More Sand Drawing: A Story in Sand

    More Sand Drawing: A Story in Sand

    Ilana Yahav is, among other things, a sand artist. And one of the best. She studied in Hollywood, New York, and London and has performed at the Kremlin and before, among others, the kings of Spain and Belgium. (Wikipedia) Her art is not “just” drawing. It’s two-handed drawing, performance art, and storytelling. I’m absolutely intrigued by this art form. Not least because it’s temporary. (Thank heavens for video!) I also like that  while the performance is sort of suspenseful  — […]

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  • Drawing with . . . Chocolate Syrup

    Drawing with . . . Chocolate Syrup

    Depending on your parenting style, you may or may not want your child to see this video. Why? Because the medium is chocolate syrup. You do the math. My biggest problem with this work was deciding if it was a drawing or a painting.  Sometimes, it’s a thin line. But since I really wanted to show you this, and since I have a drawing done in cola — I get to call it a drawing because I did it — […]

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  • Sand Art: Drawing as Performance Art

    Sand Art: Drawing as Performance Art

    Most of the time — not all of the time, but most of the time — drawing is something you look at after the work is finished.  Not so with sand art. The interest and entertainment of the work in this post’s video is in watching it being created. If you’ve never seen sand art, you’re in for a treat. The video is a bit over 9 minutes, but I was sorry to see it end. Fantastic, right? How long […]

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  • Drawing on Your Phone

    Drawing on Your Phone

    The goal of Best Drawing Videos is, of course, to bring you the best drawing videos on the internet. Some of these are pretty much just for viewing; others are instructional. Until today, that is. By selecting instructional videos for you, I’m assuming that a lot of visitors to this site are interested in learning how to draw. So, when I found this — admittedly promotional — video on a sketchbook app, it struck me as something that would be […]

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  • The Biggest Drawing

    The Biggest Drawing

    A few posts ago, I would have said that some of Julian Beever’s drawings were fairly large.  After seeing this drawing . . . well, everything is relative. This is not only the largest drawing I’ve ever seen, it’s uses the most unusual medium I’ve ever seen.  I can’t even imagine how the artist thought of this. Amazing, right? Have you ever seen anything like this? Would you ever have thought to do something like this? Who uses a delivery […]

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  • “Watch” This Drawing

    “Watch” This Drawing

    I’ve categorized this drawing under “novelty,” but . . . it could be “form” or . . . Basically, it’s a big, very fast (10 hours condensed into 1 minute) drawing of a small, very detailed object (a watch).  See what you think. Many artists work with the outline and larger forms of an object then “fill in” the details.  Did you notice how this artist focused on the details as he moved through the drawing? I think his technique […]

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  • A Circle Drawing Champion?

    A Circle Drawing Champion?

    It may not be art, but it sure is entertaining. I’ve never seen anyone draw such a perfect circle freehand. And so fast. Pretty amazing! How does he do it?  Have you ever seen anyone else do this? (He does mention a championship, so there must be others.) Comment below if you’ve seen this done before or — better yet — if you can do it.  And “Share” it with a friend to see if they’ve ever seen anything like […]

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