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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for supporting Best Drawing Videos!

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  • What Did You Expect? It’s the Weekend.

    What Did You Expect? It’s the Weekend.

    Yesterday I raked up that old Rauschenberg-deKooning controversy, and everyone had to think. (Well, maybe.) But now it’s the weekend, and who wants to think on a weekend? Weekends need silliness, and . . . Well, have you heard of Jedward? For some bizarre reason, Jedward decided to do a video of drawing with ketchup. It’s about as silly as it gets. Hmmm . . . Silly as this whole thing is, two things about this video struck me – […]

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  • Kawaii:  Can Anything Be Too Cute? (Hint: Maybe)

    Kawaii: Can Anything Be Too Cute? (Hint: Maybe)

    According to Wikipedia: Kawaii  ([kaw͍ai.i],  Means, “lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable”) is the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture. It has become a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture, entertainment, clothing, food, toys, personal appearance, behavior, and mannerisms. The noun is Kawaisa (literally, “lovability”, “cuteness” or “adorableness”). The words “kawaii” have the root word “kawai” which is formed from the kanji “ka” , meaning “acceptable”, and “ai” , meaning “love”. The term kawaii has taken on the secondary […]

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  • Quick Trip to the Renaissance

    Quick Trip to the Renaissance

    As is made painfully clear every day, everyone is in a hurry. With that in mind, I’m assuming you probably don’t have time to go to Italy right now, let alone time travel back to the Renaissance to watch Michelangelo paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. After all, it did take him 4 years. So, I’ve found you a video of someone recreating that work in chalk on a sidewalk, and it only took him 3 days and one […]

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  • X-Ray Technician by Day . . .

    X-Ray Technician by Day . . .

    Best Drawing Videos just passed it’s 100th post! And that, of course, made me want to find a really special video for today’s post . . . and I think may have done it. I didn’t plan this, but the artist in today’s video is the same artist — Phil Hansen — who was in yesterday’s post. Phil Hansen is a very interesting guy.  He’s an x-ray technician by day but, off-duty, he’s a performance artist and social commentator. And […]

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  • Tobacco Art

    Tobacco Art

    Remember the posts on drawing with sand? Or how about the one on drawing with salt?  Or coffee? Or the one with chocolate syrup? Well, today’s post is a portrait of Bob Marley done with . . . tobacco.  Marlboro cigarettes to be exact. Even if you ignore the medium, you have to admit it’s a good portrait. I can only imagine what this artist could do with a Sharpie! As an aside, I hope this encourages all the smokers […]

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  • Robot Art: Some Vacuum, Some Draw

    Robot Art: Some Vacuum, Some Draw

    You know those little round machines that can roll around your house and clean the floors?  Well, big deal:  This machine draws portraits! (Note: This video starts off a little slowly, but stick with it.) “Paul,” the robot that does the drawing, is part of something called the Aikon Project. To quote from the project’s website , “Drawing, is the human activity we investigate in the AIKON project. It has been practiced in every civilisation for at least the last […]

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  • Don’t Let Your Teenager See This Video!

    Don’t Let Your Teenager See This Video!

    No, I don’t say, “Don’t let your teenager see this video!” because it’s “naughty.” I say it because it could lead them to be naughty. Creative, but naughty. Possibly resulting in your having to buy massive amounts of primer if you ever decide to move. I’ve always liked Sharpies,* but I’ve only recently begun to understand their true potential. Whoever lives in the bedroom in this video is — obviously — way ahead of me. What do you think of […]

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  • Drawing Animals in Sand

    Drawing Animals in Sand

    The video in this post is only one minute and 30 seconds long, but it’s jam packed. The artist for this work — or works — is Ferenc Cakó, and he really knows his way around . . . sand.  In rapid succession and with seamless flow, he transforms one animal into another before your eyes. In sand. The video consists of three “sets” so be sure to watch them all. I’ve posted other sand drawings on this site, and […]

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  • Medieval Mystery Solved:  How To Draw a Celtic Knot

    Medieval Mystery Solved: How To Draw a Celtic Knot

    The Book of Kells is an illuminated manuscript created by Celtic monks around 800 A.D. To quote Wikipedia, “It is a masterwork of Western Calligraphy and represents the pinnacle of Insular illumination.  It is also widely regarded as Ireland’s finest national treasure.” In case you’re unfamiliar with the manuscript or need to refresh your memory, here’s what one of it’s pages looks like: Yes, it’s pretty fabulous. When you look at the picture above, you probably notice one of the […]

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