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  • Drawing As Meditation

    Drawing As Meditation

    We’ve all heard that famous saying, “Art for art’s sake,” right?  Well, that’s all well and good, but art has been and is used for a lot of other things, too: advertising, teaching, propaganda, etc. In today’s video, you’ll see one of the many ways you can use art: meditation. And, you don’t have to be an artist to do it.     It seems as if everyone is stressed these days, and drawing is a great (non-anger-management-requiring or substance-abusing) […]

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  • No Idle Hands:  Drawing with Both Hands

    No Idle Hands: Drawing with Both Hands

    Who can get enough of seeing someone drawing with both hands at the same time? Not me. So even though I’ve posted someone drawing with both hands before, I’ve got another one for you today.     Now, frankly, the first artist’s drawing was — at least to me — a much better one than any of these. But I have to give this artist a lot of credit for being a street artist (all of those distractions) and for […]

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  • Sand Drawing: The Souffle of Art

    Sand Drawing: The Souffle of Art

    There are lots of fragile things in this world: china, butterflies, bubbles, my feelings, etc., but when it comes to the art world, I can’t think of anything more fragile than sand art. We’ve seen some sand drawing before. What we’ve seen so far has been an amazing performance art in which the picture is constantly changing. But today’s artist is working towards one finished work, so there can be no quick, slight-of-hand changes if things go a little wrong. […]

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  • How To Draw When You’re Fresh Out of Pens and Pencils

    How To Draw When You’re Fresh Out of Pens and Pencils

    You’re bored. You really, really want to draw. But you don’t have any pencils. You don’t even have a pen or a crayon. What’s an artist to do? Well . . . check the kitchen.     It’s been a while since we’ve seen any drawings (yes, maybe it’s really a painting) done with food, and I think this one’s a good one. Just two questions. How did he get the mayonnaise to become flesh colored?  And depending on your […]

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  • More on Scratch Technique: What Lies Beneath

    More on Scratch Technique: What Lies Beneath

    Yesterday, I posted on a scratch technique that involved scratching a (white) drawing surface to create depressed lines. The pencil marks would then skim over the lines leaving them as a textured effect in white. Today’s scratch technique is a whole different ballgame. So to speak. In this method, the entire drawing surface is covered in a dark tone, which is scratched away to bring out the underlying white. If drawing were sculpture, the first scratch method would be more […]

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  • Drawing: When You’ve Got the Itch

    Drawing: When You’ve Got the Itch

    We haven’t done any new techniques lately, so today I have something a little different for you, Actually, you may have seen something like this used before, but this video will show you how it works. So what the heck am I talking about? Scratch technique. This video will give you a fairly good idea of how to use this technique — at least one way of how to use it — but I do have to admit that even […]

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  • Sharpie Art Spreads

    Sharpie Art Spreads

    Remember way back in September when I posted a video of an artist “Sharpie-ing” a Lamborghini? Then — for the less privileged among us who were dying to put their Sharpies to use — I posted an artist decorating a shoe with a Sharpie? Well, today’s video is of an artist (who may or may not be the same artist who was in the shoe video) using his Sharpie to decorate a guitar. Doesn’t this remind you of a hard-edge […]

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  • Where Art Can Take You

    Where Art Can Take You

    As I (just) mentioned, the long weekend is over and it’s time to get back to business. Or, maybe not. Maybe the long weekend has made you wish every day was part of a long weekend. Maybe it’s made you want to  pack up a bunch of coffee cups and hit the road.     I have to say this artist has imagination and guts. Or maybe he’s just had way too much coffee. Either way, I’ve got to admire […]

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  • Water, Water Everywhere . . .

    Water, Water Everywhere . . .

    If you’re a regular visitor here and you didn’t already know it, you have by now figured out that drawing isn’t — to me anyway — just a pencil or pen and some paper. Oh, no. And a few forms of drawing even involve something that actually seems counter intuitive: water.  Remember Drawing in Water: The Transfer or Drawing with Water? The drawing in today’s video is similar to Drawing in Water, but it takes it a step further. (Note […]

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  • You’re Going to Draw with What?

    You’re Going to Draw with What?

    Some people just have to show off. Of course, when you can do what this artist can, you probably have a right to. Two portraits. Two hands. Same time. The mind boggles. The first video is the practice run for the drawing. The second video is a later version.       Pretty darn amazing. One of the comments the second video got was “How many brains do you have?”  Indeed. So, I guess you know what you have to […]

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