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  • It’s a doodle! It’s a sculpture! It’s what the . . . ?

    It’s a doodle! It’s a sculpture! It’s what the . . . ?

    Okay, I admit it, this is pretty obviously a promotional video, but . . . Well, for those of you haven’t seen this yet, you really need to. Prepare to be amazed. The artistic possibilities for this are sort of mind-boggling. And it’s not even really expensive. And, no, I don’t have any relationship with the vendors. Sometimes, science is really worth the trouble. If you have or have used a 3D handheld doodler, please (please) let us know what […]

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  • Art for Art’s Sake

    Art for Art’s Sake

    What happens when a museum that houses one of the world’s most celebrated collections of art reopens after a 10-year facelift? FLASHMOB!     I know it’s not a drawing video, but it is pretty wonderful:  The art of a flashmob to promote the art of the Rijksmuseum. What better way to celebrate the “return” of a great museum than by a live recreation of its most famous masterpiece? I hope you enjoyed this video, get to visit the Rijksmuseum, […]

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  • Old Art in the News

    Old Art in the News

    If Leonard Da Vinci had been the kind of person who would have said  “Nyah nyah nyah,” he’d be saying it now. Several of Da Vinci’s anatomical drawings — done hundreds of years ago — will be displayed next to MRI and CT scans — done with modern technology — at the Edinburgh International Festival in August. And although the project was apparently undertaken without expectations, the drawings have shown themselves to be more than historical curiosities: They’ve shown themselves […]

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  • Mini Master?

    Mini Master?

    I know. I know. This post is about painting not drawing. But it does involve an art controversy, and who can resist that? Obviously not me. The controversy in this case involves a little girl in Australia who has been painting since before she could walk, and who has — from the age of 2 — been selling her works for hundreds and thousands of dollars.  Well, someone has been selling her works for hundreds and thousands of dollars. Again, […]

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