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  • Big Lessons from a Little Artist

    Big Lessons from a Little Artist

    Yesterday, I posted a video of a drawing done in the style of an old master whose technique (or look or style or whatever) you could learn to recreate. In the interest of keeping-us-all-awake-I-mean-contrast, today’s post revisits the painted work of a modern artist — anything but an old master — whom I posted about back in December in Mini Master? I’m talking about Aelita Andre, the little Australian girl who has from just about the word go amazed the […]

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  • A Drawing in Tribute to 9/11

    A Drawing in Tribute to 9/11

    Throughout history, art has been a way to commemorate events. Today is September 11 or “9/11.”  Eleven years ago the United States experienced events that have forever changed us and the world. One artist chose to commemorate those events in a pointillist drawing. This video not only demonstrates an interesting technique (pointillism or drawing with dots), but also how creativity can find an outlet through almost any subject matter. (Please note that the soundtrack for this video includes newscasts and […]

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  • Drawing Inspiration from a 4-Year-Old

    Drawing Inspiration from a 4-Year-Old

    If this adorable little girl and her friends don’t inspire you in one way or another . . . I recommend you seek medical attention. Sometimes, artists seek inspiration for their work. Sometimes, artists inspire with their work. There are so many ways to help others. This little girl should inspire us all to find our way.

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  • Drawing with Both Hands . . .at the Same Time

    Drawing with Both Hands . . .at the Same Time

    So far, I’ve posted inspirational art, drawing by young people (see “inspirational art”), and a free-hand drawing of a circle. The post includes them all. Watch this young artist closely.  Her inspiration is an angel. Her “circle” is the halo. She draws with complete confidence, no hesitation. She even uses what look like permanent markers! AND she uses both hands simultaneously! I’m not sure this drawing will make it to the Guggenheim, but that doesn’t detract in the least from […]

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  • Drawing from Divine Inspiration

    Drawing from Divine Inspiration

    Have you heard of the prodigy Akiane? Since she’s gotten all kinds of media coverage and has been featured on almost 50 international programs, you probably have, but just in case . . . Akiane is a self-taught, young girl who has been painting (and drawing) since she was 6. Her works include commissioned portraits and representations of different cultures, but she is probably best known for her inspirational paintings. And this despite the fact that she was born into […]

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