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  • If You Haven’t Seen . . .

    If You Haven’t Seen . . .

    You know how people (or television ads) are always saying, “Well, if you haven’t seen . . .”? I hate to sound like everyone else, but if you haven’t seen Diego Fazio, you haven’t seen photorealistic drawing. Diego Fazio (or DiegoKoi as he is also known) is a self-taught Italian artist who has become  famous on the web. You may already be familiar with his art, but if not, you’re going to be blown away. Actually, I’ve already seen his […]

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  • Sketching: Keep On Keepin’ On

    Sketching: Keep On Keepin’ On

    Yesterday’s post was about sketching, and I got so caught up in seeing people’s sketchbooks that . . . I couldn’t stop. A finished work is one thing, but sketches really show you what makes an artist tick.  To me they’re sort of a diary-laboratory-gym cross. They’re personal and experimental, and they involve a lot of exercise.  But the results can be so beautiful and intriguing and inspirational. So, today I went a little nuts and have videos of three […]

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  • Sketchbooks and Journals: Just Do It!

    Sketchbooks and Journals: Just Do It!

    Some of you probably visit this site because you like looking at drawing. But some of you also visit because you yourself draw or have thought about starting to draw. If you’re in the second category above, one thing that is or will be or should be important to you is sketchbooks and/or journals. The first video in this post has some advice about types of sketchbooks and encouragement on how and when to use them. To encourage you a […]

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  • Abstract or Doodle?

    Abstract or Doodle?

    Is it an abstract or is it a doodle? Someone could probably base an undergrad philosophy class on that question. Anyway, this video is part of a project an artist started with the goal of creating one drawing a week. This is the first week’s result. So what do you think? I really like the end result and thought watching it being drawn was fun, but I don’t think I could call it exactly an abstract or a doodle. But […]

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  • Abstract Drawing or “I Could Have Done That” Art

    Abstract Drawing or “I Could Have Done That” Art

    I would imagine that anyone visiting this site is familiar with abstract art.  But abstracts usually seem to be paintings.  You know those kind of paintings people like to look at and say, “Well, I could have done that.” But abstract drawing is out there, too. And it’s not just doodling. Watch this video and take a good look at the complexity of the drawing. Not just the shapes, but the lines and the shading and the textures.   To […]

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  • Charcoal vs. Pencil

    Charcoal vs. Pencil

    Some artists prefer to draw with pencil and some prefer charcoal.  Of course, they’re different to handle, but exactly what is the difference (or differences) in the end result of using one or the other? This post has videos of  drawings of light bulbs that will give you a good idea. (If you really want to compare the results, be sure to pause each video when the drawing is complete but before it goes any further.) The first drawing is […]

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  • Art Snooping

    Art Snooping

    An artist’s sketchbooks are almost like diaries. So, when I get to look through those sketchbooks, I feel like I’m almost snooping. Mattias Adolfsson is a quirky and brilliant Swedish illustrator who has videoed some of his sketchbooks. They’re filled with everything a creative and unbridled imagination can come up with. I think the sketchbooks — as well as being inspirational — are a lot of fun to look through. Apparently other people think so, too, because he’s published a […]

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  • How To Draw a Rose 3 Different Ways

    How To Draw a Rose 3 Different Ways

    Art is all about self-expression, so it’s really no surprise that different artists are going to draw the same object different ways. Today I’ve got three videos that demonstrate how three different people have drawn roses. See what you think. (A word of “warning”: the middle video is a bit long — over ten minutes — but it is also the most popular and has been viewed over 4,000,000 times.) Do you have a favorite? Do you have any thoughts […]

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