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  • White Chalk Drawing in Honor of the Snow

    White Chalk Drawing in Honor of the Snow

    Almost unbelievably (it’s not like I live in Minnesota), it is snowing again today. So, in honor of this freakish weather, I have a white chalk drawing for you today. See how much can be conveyed with such a basic medium in such a simple drawing.     What did I tell you? There is so little actual drawing (in terms of marks on paper), and yet it couldn’t depict a cat much better. I hope you liked this video. […]

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  • Fantasy Art and a Media Twist

    Fantasy Art and a Media Twist

    Today I’ve got a fantasy drawing of a winged lion by Jeff Miracola for you. I haven’t posted much fantasy art, but this one might make it worth the wait for those of you who are fantasy fans. There’s lots to look at in the drawing, and there’s maybe even more to look at in the way the drawing is created. The copy says the drawing is done with Ebony pencil, white Prismacolor pencil, and Black India Ink and Loew-Cornell […]

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  • FREE Weekend Drawing Course!

    FREE Weekend Drawing Course!

    Actually, it’s not a free weekend drawing course, you can take it any time. And, actually, it’s not one drawing course, but many. But they are free, and — before it comes up — I have no affiliation with the artist or the tutorials, nor have I taken the tutorials. (Not yet anyway.) It’s like this, I’m all over the drawing videos on the internet all the time, and I’ve found a site called the Five Pencil Method .com in […]

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  • Get the Lead Out! How – and Why – to Draw Faster

    Get the Lead Out! How – and Why – to Draw Faster

    No, art isn’t a speed event. Think of the Sistine Chapel for example. But there is a reason to work more quickly. Every artist needs practice, which means he/she has to draw a lot. And if you draw slowly, i.e., get caught up in the details too much, it isn’t going to happen. So today’s video will show you how to look at your subject and dive right in. It will show you how to look at things and visually […]

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  • Back to Basics

    Back to Basics

    If you’re new here or new to art, you may be feeling a little lost. What is all this “art talk” about? How can you learn anything from the videos if you don’t even know what they’re saying? Well, today is for you because we’re going back to basics. Today’s video covers shape, value, color, and edge. And it’s from Proko, one of the best instructors around. No, this doesn’t cover everything. You may still not know a composition from […]

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  • A Last “Word” on  Markers

    A Last “Word” on Markers

    If you’ve watched the last two days’ videos, you’re aware of some of what you can do with markers. But when I saw this drawing — a copy after Jean-Honore Fragonard — done with coptic markers, I decided I had to share it and take you one step further. I know this video is a bit long (15 minutes), but if you absolutely can’t watch the whole thing, at least scroll ahead and watch how the column and flowering vine […]

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  • Make Your Mark! Drawing with Markers  Part 2

    Make Your Mark! Drawing with Markers Part 2

    I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post because I have part 2 of  How to Draw with Markers today. I don’t often post serial videos, but I think this one develops the artist’s concepts and work enough that it’s useful. So . . . let’s see what you think. I don’t know about you, but markers are the last medium I would think of as one you would (or could) layer. But . . .  I’d be wrong. Time and again […]

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  • Make Your Mark! Drawing with Markers

    Make Your Mark! Drawing with Markers

    Who doesn’t love markers? But, let’s face it, when you think of “fine art,” you don’t really think of markers. But it’s coming. I just know it is. Meanwhile, I’ve got a video tutorial on sketching with markers to show you some of what you can do with them.     I’m telling you, how far can it be from a sketch of a pirate to a marker-drawn materpiece of a president? In fact, you might want to invest in […]

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  • Adebanji Alade: Draw, Draw, and Draw

    Adebanji Alade: Draw, Draw, and Draw

    Yesterday’s post had some tips on keeping a sketchbook because . . . it’s really important. How important is keeping a sketchbook? How important is sketching all the time? Let Adebanji Alade tell you how important it is to him.     So, you see it’s not just me going on about the importance of sketching.  Although I don’t know why anyone really has to remind people to sketch. It’s not exactly a punishment. I think this artist makes clear […]

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  • 5 Easy Sketchbook Tips

    5 Easy Sketchbook Tips

      If you want to draw, you need to draw a lot. You know: sketching, sketching, and more sketching. After all, practice does make perfect. So, all of this means that it’s a really good idea to keep a sketchbook,  which, by the way, should eventually expand into a huge set of sketchbooks if you’re doing what you should. But sometimes even the idea of keeping a sketchbook is a  little scary. First, if you’re at all self-conscious, the very […]

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