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  • More Drawing Basics: Sketching and Shading

    More Drawing Basics: Sketching and Shading

    Yesterday’s post was a tutorial on blending on drawing. Today’s is a lesson on sketching and shading. Sketching is possibly the most basic of the basics. I have no idea how an artist works without sketching. It’s how you learn to draw and visually record your observations and jot down ideas and plan bigger works and so on and on and on. Shading and blending are how depth and volume and life are added to sketching. And even though these […]

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  • Drawing for Everyone

    Drawing for Everyone

    You know that saying, “You can’t please everyone”? Well, today, I’m going to try. Some of you who visit this site are probably interested in learning to draw or improving your drawing. Others just “wanna have fun” and watch some entertaining drawing. So in this post, I’ve got a video for each group. The first video is a lesson in drawing still life. A lot of art students start with drawing still life (probably because it is still). This video […]

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  • How to Draw a Glass of Water

    How to Draw a Glass of Water

    Unless you’re very thirsty, the thought of a glass of water probably leaves you yawning. But wait until you see this time-lapse video of someone drawing a glass of water. Suddenly the mundane becomes beautiful and amazing. Didn’t I tell you it was amazing? Just a “simple” drawing of a glass of water can suddenly become a wonder. Even when you can see right before you’re eyes how it’s done. Doesn’t it make you want to give 3-dimensional drawing a […]

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  • Realistic Drawing in Time Lapse: Crumpled Paper

    Realistic Drawing in Time Lapse: Crumpled Paper

    This is another one of those drawings that is hard to categorize.  Obviously, it’s realism. It’s also a form drawing of sorts. But mostly it’s just a great drawing and a lot of fun to watch. Take a look and see what someone can do with a couple of sheets of paper and a pencil or two. I love watching this drawing come to life.  And the time-lapse, of course, makes it even better. It also really goes to show […]

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  • How To Draw a Rose

    How To Draw a Rose

    One subject that has always been popular among artists is flowers, and one of the most popular flowers is, of course, the rose. This video is a good demonstration of one way to draw a rose. In some drawing videos, you’ll notice that the artist works more or less in one area of the drawing at a time. The basic shape and the details are created before he moves on to the next area. This artist uses a more traditional […]

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  • How To Draw a  Transparent Object

    How To Draw a Transparent Object

    Here at Best Drawing Videos, we try to bring you both the best videos of drawings that are beautiful and/or amazing as well as the best instructional — “how-to” — drawing videos. This demonstration of an artist drawing a transparent object could fall into both of those categories.  Drawing transparency is in itself sort of an amazing thing, but this video shows you how to do it yourself. See what I mean?  The idea that you can create in two […]

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  • Some Possibilities of Drawing with Charcoal

    Some Possibilities of Drawing with Charcoal

    Many people like to draw in different media to achieve effects other than those they can create with just the drawn lines. And one very traditional medium a lot of artists like is charcoal. The video below gives a good indication of the possibilities of using charcoal. So watch closely how the artist uses it.  Pay special attention to how much he works on the background to bring out the highlights in his amazing waterglass drawing. Clearly, charcoal is a […]

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  • How To Draw Spheres

    How To Draw Spheres

    Yesterday, I posted a how-to example of computer graphics. If you’re more of a traditionalist — and especially if you’re just getting interested in drawing —  today I’ve got a very basic lesson in pencil drawing. The artist in this video demonstrates the basics of drawing form, in this case spheres. As I said, this is a basic lesson, but if you’re just starting out, that’s probably the kind of lesson you need. And as with so many concepts and […]

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