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  • She’s Back: The Math Class Doodler

    She’s Back: The Math Class Doodler

    If you’ve studied art history, you’ve probably heard all about the Golden Mean and the relationship of mathematics to art and beauty and so on and so forth. The Math Class Doodler has her own take on math and art, and it’s not just that art (doodling) keeps her awake in math class. If you can keep up with her (Imagine what it’s like to be her parents!), you might learn something.  But you don’t have to. (I’m not your […]

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    Wewilldoodle is the name of a group in Manila who believes in the importance of doodling. Not only does the group promote doodling, they also practice it on a large — LARGE —  scale. Since banding together, the group has even received commissions for their doodle murals. Who knows where else this will lead? Maybe one day we’ll see doodling tutorials? Oh, wait, I just saw one of those on YouTube! On a final note, you did notice the kawaii-like […]

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  • It’s Doodle Monday!

    It’s Doodle Monday!

    Do you remember the Sharpie* decorated bedroom? I think I may know where the decorator got some of her inspiration. Even if this isn’t where she got her inspiration, you might be able to get some from this post’s video. After all, it’s Monday and if you live anywhere near the eastern coast of the U.S., you’re probably just sitting around waiting to see what kind of havoc the impending hurricane wreaks. So, get inspired and get doodling! I like […]

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  • Monday Cure: Let the Doodles Begin!

    Monday Cure: Let the Doodles Begin!

    It’s Monday.  Are you a little . . . bored? I can help you solve that problem because I have a cure for workday boredom: doodling. Judging by the number and popularity of doodling videos out there, a lot of people have already discovered the healing powers of doodling.  In case you haven’t though, I’ve got a little “tutorial” for you. The video below shows many of the best features of a doodle: It’s free, builds on itself, and is […]

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  • Math and Doodles

    Math and Doodles

    Ever think of Math and Art as a really fun couple? Probably not. I didn’t either until recently. I knew about the golden ratio (or golden mean or golden section or golden rectangle) that lots of architects and artists have used to determine the proportions in their works.  But dragging math into art seemed sort of boring and very unromantic. UNTIL I found the video below. Now, I feel like inviting Math and Art to a party. I love this […]

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