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  • Doodling Diagnosis

    Doodling Diagnosis

    So, if you’ve been following the “program,” you’ve been doodling a lot. And I hope you have a notebook filled with amazing doodles. But the thing about those doodles is, they didn’t just happen: You set out to doodle. But what about those doodles that do just sort of happen? You know, when you’re in a meeting or on a boring phone call or in a macroeconomics class? Where did those things come from? Well, those doodles are when your […]

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  • Post-Thanksgiving Doodle

    Post-Thanksgiving Doodle

    Welcome back from Thanksgiving! I hope it was great. But now it’s time to doodle. I’ve chosen today’s doodle for two reasons. First, I think the background music is soothing, and you can probably use soothing on a Monday back at work after a holiday. Second, this doodle is stuffed, and you probably still are, too.     Did you notice anything different about the artist’s technique on this doodle? It seems like most doodles start in the middle of […]

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  • Doodling with Historical References

    So how many of you watched the Dr. Who 50th anniversary special this weekend? Oh. . .  Well, I hope at least some of you did because I’ve been a Dr. Who fan since . . . more of the doctors have come and gone than I care to admit . So, when I saw today’s doodle, I may have been predisposed to see Who-ish references in it, but I did.     So, what did you see? The robot, […]

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  • Doodling: Just Add Features

    Doodling: Just Add Features

    Today’s doodle is full of little creatures. I see these all over the place, and I’m sure they have a name, but . . .  (If you know what they are, let me know.) Looking at the drawing and the finished doodle, however, made realize that a lot of doodling could be magically made to incorporate little creatures if you just added some features: eyes, teeth, and even tongues. When you watch this video, try to imagine what the little […]

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  • The Horror Vacui* School of Doodling: Go Big or Go Home

    The Horror Vacui* School of Doodling: Go Big or Go Home

    Happy Doodle Monday! I usually like to encourage you to devote at least part of your Monday at work to doodling, but . . .  Well, today, I need to advise you to be very careful if you try any doodling like today’s example at the office. Because, as you’ll see, there could be a “damaging of company property” issue. I think the artist has done nothing but improved this wall, but . . . you know corporations. At any […]

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  • The Name That Doodle Contest!

    The Name That Doodle Contest!

    It’s time for a Best Drawing Videos contest! The YouTube title for today’s video is “Extreme Doodling – Untitled, ” and that’s just sad. The doodler has obviously put some serious thought into this doodle, and I think it deserves a “real” title. So, if you can come up with what is — in my opinion —  the best “real” title for it, you will win a terrific prize:  A Deluxe Sketching Box Set by Royal & Langnickel. This set […]

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  • Dangerous, Insect-Influenced Doodling

    Dangerous, Insect-Influenced Doodling

    Happy Doodle Monday! Today’s video is actually a doodle tutorial!?!?!?! Most people — at least most of you — don’t need lessons in doodling, but this is an attractive doodle and could certainly be used for inspiration and ideas. So, put on your I’m-totally-concentrating-on-this-important-work-related-video-so-please-don’t-even-think-of-disturbing-me-and-breaking-my-train-of-thought face and get going.     I like this little doodle a lot. It definitely has that “tangle” influence, which I like, and the vegetable theme and color are added bonuses. Yes, it is sort of […]

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  • Doodling Inspiration: What’s in a Name?

    Doodling Inspiration: What’s in a Name?

    Sometimes Mondays can be so overwhelming that it’s hard to even doodle. Even when you really need to. Even when you know how much better you’ll feel after you do. If you ever have one of those Mondays, here’s a video that will give you a big tip for getting started. Because getting started is the hardest part, right?*     How easy is that? Just start with your name. And since every doodle is different, you can use your […]

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  • Advanced Theme Doodling

    Advanced Theme Doodling

    If you’ve been with Best Drawing Videos a while, you’ve probably (I hope) done quite a bit of doodling. You may, in fact, be an advanced doodler by now. If so, this doodle is for you. If not, this doodle is for you, too: It’s to inspire you to start doodling right now,.     Before anyone says anything: Yes, I know, she used a brush. But as you know, we’re sort of liberal about that kind of thing around […]

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  • Doodling: Short and Sweet

    Doodling: Short and Sweet

    It’s state fair time in this neck of the woods (I have mentioned that I live in the boondocks haven’t I?), so I didn’t really expect to be posting today. (I know. I know.) But the plan has changed, and I’ve got a nice, somewhat different doodle for you. It’s a small doodle and doesn’t take long to watch. That’s the short part. And the music is really nice. That’s the sweet part.     Doodle Monday’s are special so […]

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