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  • To Doodle Is To Win

    To Doodle Is To Win

    Happy Doodle Monday! Or as we like to say here: “How can it possibly be snowing again?” The other day a friend and I were discussing creativity and the psychological importance of having a creative outlet. That (of course) made me think of doodling because although I know many of you are fairly serious artists who draw and paint and all that, some of you “just” doodle. If you are one of this last group, and you dismiss the importance […]

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  • Professional Doodle

    Professional Doodle

    Happy Doodle Monday! Right now we are in the middle of a major snow storm. Luckily, the power is still on (not guaranteed here), so life goes on as usual, just with a background of lots of snow. And despite the fact that I can’t imagine how we’ll get out of our driveway before spring, the new internet service serviceman is here installing things. This probably doesn’t mean much to you, but — believe me — this is the most […]

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  • Prefab Doodling

    Prefab Doodling

    Happy Doodle Monday! I’m really late getting to this post today because of my ever-present technical problems (How can one person. . . ?) But I’m here now, and I have something different for you today. Now, I know some of you are going to look at today’s video and say something along the lines of  “Ooooooh. That’s not art. That’s crafts.” Well, I beg to differ. Sort of anyway. First of all, the calendar page that is being created […]

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  • Structured Doodling

    Structured Doodling

    “Structured doodling”??? Seems a bit like an oxymoron, but . . .  Today I’ve got a type of doodling (or drawing, you pick) called tangling or, if you prefer the trademarked term, Zentangle.* It consists of filling squares (or tiles) that have been divided into parts with specific patterns (or tangles). Usually the tile divisions are irregular, curving lines, but today’s example is even more structured than that. This artist uses regular blocks within the tile. So, if you’d like […]

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  • A World in a Doodle . . . and a Bonus

    A World in a Doodle . . . and a Bonus

    Happy Doodle Monday! It’s rainy and gloomy here so I should probably doodle some sunshine. Today’s doodle goes way beyond merely creating some sunshine: It creates a whole little doodle world! This is a somewhat longer video (a bit over 7 minutes), but when you watch it, you’ll see why. There’s lots of detail.     As doodles go, this one takes a little time. It has some thought behind it and lots of details. Now, I know some people […]

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  • Doodling: Start with a Cupcake

    It’s Doodle Monday, and that means it’s time to start . . . doodling. What? You say you can’t think of a way to get started? You need inspiration even for doodling? Easy. Start with a cupcake.     See, that wasn’t hard. And don’t you feel better now that you’ve done a little doodling? And remember: When you need inspiration, you can turn to any snack or dessert item, not just cupcakes. Just doodle!

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  • Where Doodling Can Take You

    Where Doodling Can Take You

    You all know I love doodling. And you’ve probably all figured out that I think doodling is important, too. And today:  I have proof (more proof) that I’m probably right. (And I love being right almost as much as I love art.) Today’s videos are about a British artist named John Burgerman.  As you can see in his art, he’s a major doodler. His “doodles” have even gone 3-dimensional in some cases. What the video shows, and what is especially […]

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  • Doodlelandia


    What could be better than some Monday doodling? A field trip to Doodlelandia! Doodlelandia (my name for it, not this particular doodlers) is a lot like other places. It’s peopled with all kinds: happy doodle people and sad doodle people. Those who are all hearts and hair bows, and those who are masks and horns. Some what to be your friends, and some just want you to buzz off. It’s pretty much like the real world except in Doodlelandia, even […]

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  • Doodling: You Forgot How to What?

    Doodling: You Forgot How to What?

    It’s the first Doodle Monday of the new year, and even though we’re about a week into the year, there’s still time to de-stress and improve your focus and express your creativity and . . .  In other words: Doodle! So, let’s get . . . What? . . . The holidays took such a toll that you’ve forgotten how to doodle? Sad, but not irremediable. So, there you go. And, yes, I know you don’t really need instruction to […]

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  • Doodling for Holiday Stress Relief

    Doodling for Holiday Stress Relief

    Christmas is coming. And for a lot of you — not me, mind you, but a lot of you — that means you’re getting increasingly stressed. And that means you need a doodle intervention to take your mind off of everything and give you a relaxing, creative break. So, guess what I found for you over at the Shoebeedoodler’s.  A doodled Christmas stocking! So, you can relax, doodle, and still stay in the Christmas spirit. I think (hope) this is […]

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