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  • Doodling: Math and Wildlife

    Doodling: Math and Wildlife

    Happy Doodle Monday! So how do math and wildlife relate? Well, wildlife does multiply, right? But how does doodling apply to math and wildlife? You’re about to find out. And what’s in it for you? (You had to ask, didn’t you?) Well, I’ve begun to suspect that your boss may be catching on to Doodle Monday and how you’re spending the time he/she pays you for. I think the math element — “Well, sir, I’m working out the fractal implications […]

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  • Doodling Differently

    Doodling Differently

    Happy Doodle Monday! Today’s doodling post is a little different than most of them have been. And — I admit it — many of you may not “relate.” But for those of you who do . . . Today’s doodle is primarily for those who journal or, to be specific, art journal. (How can I be using “art journal” as a verb? What has become of me?) If you keep an art journal, this video should give you a few […]

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  • Doodle a Story

    Doodle a Story

    Happy Doodle Monday! You know there’s doodling . . . and then there’s doodling. A lot of the time, doodling is abstract. Squiggles and squares and stars and stuff. Sometimes, it’s abstract, but creates a pattern. Sometimes it’s figurative and filled with little animals or people or creatures of one sort or another. All fine. (It is doodling after all.) But sometimes doodling takes a leap and . . . before you know it, it’s telling a story. What do […]

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  • Let’s Doodle Again

    Let’s Doodle Again

    Yes, it has been awhile. You see I took a couple of weeks off because . . . Well, I’d like to say something inspiring like because I was at a drawing retreat in the Himalayas, but that would be a lie. The truth is I’ve been doing some other things (well, it is gardening season, you know). But, at least for now, I’m back, and I think we’re all overdue for some doodling. (I know: You’ve had to spend […]

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  • Mega Doodle!

    Mega Doodle!

    No, it’s not a mega doodle in size, but it took the artist four to five hours to complete the doodle. In my book, that makes it mega. (Before you panic: It’s time lapse; the video is only about five minutes long.) At first this doodle looks like a lot of others that are out there: It’s sort of free-hand, and sort of “tangly,” and it has that classical horror vacui going on. But if you watch it closely, you’ll […]

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  • In Defense of Doodling

    In Defense of Doodling

    Now, you and I know that doodling doesn’t need defending. But for some reason, some people still just don’t get it. They still think it’s just scribbling, a distraction from something more important than what is going on, a waste of time. Sigh. I’ve brought up this issue before (See: Doodlers, Be Brave! ) and had hoped it had been laid to rest, but . . . well, if wishes were horses. . . So, today, I have yet another justification […]

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  • Reverse Doodling

    Reverse Doodling

    You know how your thinking can get in a rut? And when it does, you know how you just have to mix everything up and look at things differently? Well, here’s what to do when your doodling gets in a rut. Un-doodle it!     By the way, good luck trying to do this . . . But I’m sure you get the idea. If you have some friends whose thinking (and doodling) is in a rut, why not share […]

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  • Doodling Vandalism

    Doodling Vandalism

    Happy Doodle Monday! Today I’ve got something a little different for you: a sort of collage doodle. It’s an interesting idea and fun to watch, but. . . Doesn’t Peter Draws know that it’s illegal to deface U.S. currency? Well, for now, we’re all about the art aspect of this doodle so, here goes . . .     But now back to that legal stuff:  I’m a little worried about Peter Draws because besides being illegal to deface currency, […]

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  • Coffee Break Doodle

    Coffee Break Doodle

    Happy Doodle Monday! If you got to work on time this morning and grabbed a cup of coffee first thing (Doesn’t everyone do that?), it’s probably cold by now. Now I know you’re the kind of employee who doesn’t like to waste company resources, so today I’ve got an idea for how you can put that cold coffee to good use.     I’ve doodled with cola, but never with coffee. What a great idea! And don’t you think your […]

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  • Doodling and the Math-Art Relationship

    Doodling and the Math-Art Relationship

    If you’ve studied art at all, you’ve probably been exposed to the importance of math in art. Proportions and all that kind of thing. But today’s video shows a whole different side of the math-art relationship.     You may have guessed that this video is from Vihart, the math class doodler, whom we haven’t seen for a while.  The way she uses art is as a means of understanding and explaining math. And sometimes as a way of drawing […]

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