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  • Digital Art: You Say Potato . . .

    Digital Art: You Say Potato . . .

    Today’s video is of a digital finger painting. Or is it a digital drawing? It’s really hard to know what to call these kinds of works. But since this one is fantastic, and since I want to include it on Best Drawing Videos, I’m calling it a drawing. Okay, I just watched it again, and it probably is more of a painting than a drawing. But I still don’t care because I really wanted you to see it. Now, what […]

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  • Comic Book Hero

    Have you read any good French or Belgian comics lately? Me neither, but — believe it or not — those countries have a long tradition in comics and comic books, the bandes dessinées tradition. And today’s post features an artist who became famous drawing those comics. To paraphrase Wikipedia: Jean Henri Gaston Giraud (8 May 1938 – 10 March 2012) was a French artist, cartoonist, and writer. He worked primarily in what is known as the Franco-Belgian bandes dessinées tradition and gained worldwide […]

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  • The Digital Eye

    The Digital Eye

    There are some fairly stunningly realistic drawings of eyes on YouTube. In fact, the very first post on the blog was a drawing of one of them. So, you’ve probably guessed that today’s video is of a drawing of an eye. But this one’s special: It’s drawn (okay: painted, potAto/poTAHto) digitally.     I don’t know what program was used to draw this eye, but . . .  I’m jealous. Because I don’t know about you, but the more I […]

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  • Computer Masterpiece

    Computer Masterpiece

    If you like more classical art, but are also into the techy stuff, today’s post has a re-creation of the Mona Lisa using Microsoft Paint. Yes, I know this is a drawing site, but — to me anyway — when you get into computer graphics, it’s a thin line.  And as this video has over 15 million views, I decided it was worth fudging to be sure you got to see it, too. It took Leonardo da Vinci about four […]

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  • Computer Graphics:  How to Draw Anime

    Computer Graphics: How to Draw Anime

    The video in this post combines the love of Manga and anime with computer graphics. I’m sure you know how sophisticated computer graphics can be. But I think this video gives a good demonstration of what a less experienced artist can do with them. With the possibilities that computer graphics offer, it would be a shame to scare off a new artist who’s interested in them. This video shows some of the possibilities and the do-ability. One of the features […]

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  • Computer Graphics: How to Draw a Car

    Computer Graphics: How to Draw a Car

    Computer graphics are everywhere.  Everywhere. Here’s a great example showing how to draw a car with MS Paint. Like a lot of drawings, this one looks simple. But watching the video reveals the amount of detail that goes into it to get that look.  Take special note of the headlights. Do you like computer graphics? Or do you prefer pencil or other more traditional media?  Let us know, and please “Share” us by clicking the button.

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