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  • Technical Exercise in Charcoal: More Fun Than It Sounds Like

    Technical Exercise in Charcoal: More Fun Than It Sounds Like

    I haven’t posted a lot of charcoal drawing, and I really don’t know why because I really like it. There have been a couple of portraits, like the one of Robert Downey, Jr. And a couple of “lesson” type videos, the skull and the banana. Even from those few posts, you’ve probably picked up a lot about charcoal. But, if you’re new to this medium, this video — which was a technical exercise — will show you something else you […]

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  • The Lotsa Luck Portrait

    The Lotsa Luck Portrait

    Yesterday’s post had a charcoal portrait and so does today’s. But look at the difference in the lighting on this one. The whole effect is so different. And that’s one of the (many) reasons I love art: same (samish) subject matter, same medium, both realistic and traditional, but . . . so different.   Of course, this portrait does have one very special thing about it that is lacking in yesterday’s: The artist drew it upside down. As soon as […]

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  • The Lotsa Charcoal Portrait

    The Lotsa Charcoal Portrait

    I’ve got a video of a nice charcoal portrait today.  It’s realistic and traditional, and there’s a lot to learn from it. But what’s most interesting to me is just how much charcoal the artist used. He likes his medium. But more on that later. Here’s the video:     Okay, without being critical (because it’s a really nice picture), what do you think of the amount of charcoal that was used? Just right. Perfect. Captures the shadows but doesn’t […]

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  • Fine Tuning Your Charcoal

    Fine Tuning Your Charcoal

    Yesterday’s post had a video on the basics of using charcoal —  Color, color.  Smudge, smudge. Highlight. — to create a drawing of a somewhat simple form. But — somewhat surprisingly when you think of a clunky piece of charcoal — charcoal can be used to create some very delicate effects in your drawing, too. Today’s first video is a very short (about one minute) video showing the drawing of a crystal ball with charcoal to demonstrate what I mean […]

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  • Charcoal: A Different Banana

    Charcoal: A Different Banana

    Drawing with charcoal can be a whole different animal — or, in this case, a whole different fruit — from drawing with graphite. There are different criteria for choosing paper; the media itself has a different nature; and the way it is applied is different. And, of course, the effects you can achieve can be very different. But, it’s not necessarily more difficult, and the results can be very satisfying. Today’s video will help those of you who are new […]

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  • Portrait of Steve Jobs in White Charcoal

    Portrait of Steve Jobs in White Charcoal

    One of the many things I love about art is how differently different artists portray the same thing. (I also love how differently the same artist can portray the same thing with different media, different technique, etc., but that’s for another day.) In today’s video, the artist creates a portrait of Steve Jobs in white charcoal.  The artist is a professional and is very fun to watch.  And because she’s so skilled, she’s also very educational to watch. I think […]

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  • More Charcoal: Robert Downy Jr.

    More Charcoal: Robert Downy Jr.

    Just before I veered off course to show you the videos on the “Mini Master,” I had posted a couple of lessons in sketching with charcoal. Now that you know all about it . . . Well, now that you have an idea of how much fun working with charcoal can be, I have a portrait drawing of Robert Downy, Jr. to show you some more of its possibilities. Did you notice that this artist used pencils instead of stick […]

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  • Charcoal Sketching or Portrait of Poor Yorick

    Charcoal Sketching or Portrait of Poor Yorick

    What is this thing with skulls as decoration?  Skull earrings.  Skull-printed fabric. Skull belt buckles. I don’t understand it, and — to be honest — I don’t really like it. Because of that, I almost passed up a couple of videos that I’m posting today.  And that would have been a shame because these videos are a  good demonstration of using charcoal in your sketching. The skull in the videos is apparently just something the artist had lying around so […]

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