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  • History Lesson

    History Lesson

    Today’s video is a history lesson. I know. I know.  Usually, when you hear “history lesson,” it means your going to learn something depressing. But I wouldn’t do that to you. This “lesson” is the earliest surviving American animated film, and as you’ll see, it all begins with drawing.     Yes, special effects people, this is where it all started. And for the non-technically inclined: I can’t figure out how they did it either. If your friends need a […]

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!   I wanted to give you chocolates, but they’re really difficult to post. So . . . Thanks for supporting Best Drawing Videos!

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  • Who Needs Hands?

    Who Needs Hands?

    Well, the How to Draw Hands Mini Series is over. And you’ve probably had enough of hands to last you a while. So how about a truck? How about a caricature of a truck? Despite those cute animated car and truck movies out there, I have to say, it never occurred to me to draw a caricature of a truck. Fortunately, it occurred to  Łukasz Kornobis.     What a great little drawing! I hope you enjoyed the video and […]

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  • Heroic Art: Drawing Spiderman

    Heroic Art: Drawing Spiderman

    If you think of heroic art as big statues and paintings of things like Napoleon Bonaparte astride a rearing horse or a rank of victorious soldiers marching home or even a portrait of Winston Churchill seated in his study, brace yourself. Heroic art has a whole new — well, newish — branch: comic superheros.  Superheros are huge these days; anyone who’s been to the movies in the past year could tell you that. And that popularity has spread from comic […]

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  • How to Draw a Caricature or You, Too, Can Annoy Your Friends

    How to Draw a Caricature or You, Too, Can Annoy Your Friends

    Did you see the last post? Have you finished the portrait of your dog yet? Whether you did or not, maybe what you’d really like to focus your drawing on is making  fun of your friends. It is the weekend after all. Below is a funny little video on drawing caricatures to help you get started. Entertaining and instructional. I really like this caricature. How about you?  Do you think it does what a caricature should? Do you draw caricatures […]

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  • How to Draw a Cartoon Parrot

    How to Draw a Cartoon Parrot

    A million years ago, when I was a little kid, I used to love to watch “The Mary Ellen Show.” Mary Ellen showed cartoons and did all the usual kid-show stuff, but the best thing she did was draw funny faces. To draw a funny face, she took the initials of one of the audience (all kids) and used them to make a “portrait.” It wasn’t fine art, but it was fun . . . and it was certainly one […]

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  • How To Draw Jerry the Mouse

    How To Draw Jerry the Mouse

    Do you remember Tom and Jerry, the cat and mouse cartoons? Maybe they’re still on television. I don’t know: Sleep has won out over Saturday morning cartoons. But I do know that this video showing how to draw Jerry is very, very good.  It has great — albeit silent — instruction on drawing cartoons, but it’s also a simplified demonstration of the benefits of working all over the drawing at the same time. It’s probably an odd word to use […]

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  • How To Draw Cartoon Characters: A Bunny

    How To Draw Cartoon Characters: A Bunny

    A few posts back, I had a video on how to draw Stewie from the television show Family Guy. There are a lot of other great instructional videos available if you’re interested in drawing cartoon characters, and today I’ve got one on how to draw a cartoon bunny. No, this isn’t a (or The) famous cartoon rabbit; it’s a more generic one. And it’s a great demonstration of how easy it can be to create cartoon characters. Pretty cute and […]

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  • How To Draw Cartoon Characters: Stewie

    How To Draw Cartoon Characters: Stewie

    If you have an interest in learning how to draw cartoon characters, I’ve got a great video for you today. Family Guy is one of those wildly popular animated television shows that everyone seems to be watching these days, and this video is a step-by-step lesson in how to draw one of its favorite characters: Stewie. This video really demonstrates how easy it can be to draw cartoon characters. I think gives it also you an idea (or two) on […]

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